New Word(s)

Luke is learning lots of new things and saying lots.  A few days ago, he said, “pease” for the first time when we told him to say “please.”  He also says “Zat” for “What’s that?”  He says, “Buh-bye,” “hi,” “nah-nah” for (no), etc…  He loves to point at objects and say “Dis” or “Zat.”  Those words mean “What’s this?” or “What’s that?”  He wants to know the names of things and then attempts to say them.

One time while I was reading to him, Luke kept pointing to a dog and saying “doh.”  He is so proud of what he can do.

He is walking everywhere now, and this morning was trying to kick a ball around the house, following his daddy’s “soccer” example.  So cute!