Roaring 20’s

This year, I decided to take a review of the 20’s in each millennium.

From 0-20 AD, the world experienced the birth of Jesus, and his childhood. Powerful rules like the Herods arise, and Rome holds a tight hold on world domination. The short-lived Hsin Dynasty brings freedom to slaves.

From 1020-1029 AD, the Vikings explore and conquer. Leif Ericksson discovers North America. Aristotle’s works are written. China invents the first rockets. The First Crusades take place. A long history of many wars take place.

From 1120-1129 AD, there’s another long list of wars.

From 1220-1229 AD, Genghis Khan invades China. More Crusades take place.

From 1320-1329 AD, Jews are burned at the state. Jews are expelled from France for the third time. Marco Polo explores. A Buddhist debate takes place. There are more wars and famous rulers.

From 1420-1429 AD, Joan of Arc enters the scene. There are more wars and also peace treaties signed.

From 1520-1529 AD, Martin Luther publishes more works for the Reformation. The Printing Press is invented. A major smallpox epidemic occurs. Cortez and Spaniards conquer Mexico City.

From 1620-1629 AD, Pilgrims settle in the New World. Mayflower Compact is signed. A massacre in Jamestown settlement occurs. Massive earthquake in Peru… First submarine prototype is invented. Explosion in Beijing kills 20,000. More colonization…

From 1720-1729 AD, Great Plague of Marseilles comes on a ship and spreads, killing 100,000. There is increased economic growth and crime. It is known as the “Roaring 1720’s” as there is major culture change. Jews are expelled from Russia. A severe earthquake strikes New England. Peace treaties are signed between nations. Peter the Great ends Russian-Orthodox Patriarchy. Famous composers share their creations with the world: Bach and Handel. Fahrenheit invents the first thermometer.

From 1820-1829 AD, Mormonism is created by Joseph Smith. Maine becomes our 23rd state. Napoleon dies. Missouri becomes the 24th state. The translation of the Rosetta Stone occurs. Liberia is founded. Monroe Doctrine becomes famous, preventing further European colonization of the United States and promotes the abstention from US’s involvement in European politics. The Bureau of Indian Affairs is created. Aluminum is discovered. The first photograph is invented. First African American newspaper is published. Democratic party is created. The typewriter is invented. The first Braille book is published.

From 1920-1929 AD, another decade of massive change comes. This decade witnesses the invention of cars, radios, and telephones. It is the decade of transportation and communication development. The Irish Potato Famine leads to a boom of immigration to the United States. WWI ends! The League of Nations is formed. The 19th Amendment passes, giving women the right to vote. The Russian Civil War occurs. Palmer Raids initiate the deportation of 6000 foreign aliens, that were known as radical leftists. The 18th Amendment passes, bringing prohibition. The Irish Revolution occurs. The Emergency Quota Act is passed to restrict immigration from Southern and Eastern Europe. The Communist Party of China is founded. The USSR is formed. BBC is formed. Gandhi becomes famous. A massive earthquake occurs. Adolf Hitler rises to power. Insulin is produced. The Indian Citizenship Act is passed. Amelia Earhart and Charles Lindbergh take their famous flights. Walt Disney produces its first Mickey Mouse film. The Wall Street Crash occurs, sending our nation into the Great Depression. The Great Mississippi Flood creates major devastation. The Columbine Mine Massacre kills many. The first public demonstration of the TV happens. Al Capone becomes famous with big crime. The SAT is first used. Ford Motor Company establishes the first 40-hour work-week. Route 66 is first opened. Sears Roebuck is formed. The first television transmitter is invented. The First Motorist’s Hotel is formed. The Scopes Monkey Trial ends. The first issue of New Yorker magazines is published. The Grand Ole Opry begins broadcasting. The music style is jazz. Radio probably has the biggest impact. An average new house costs from $1213 to $2205. $100 back then is worth $1023 now.

Last year, saw the emergence of a new 20’s millennium. It also brought Covid-19 and saw the shut down of economic commerce worldwide and the death of 2.4 million people. In the United States, it witnessed racial tensions. a very tense and contested election year, and two attempts of impeachment of the 45th United States president. It also saw some high profile leaders step down.

Looking back over history, it is amazing to see the vast changes that occur. What history remembers is the tragedies, the wars, the rise of powerful war leaders, the treaties that brought peace, the inventions, growth in communication, and the people that inspired us to be better. History also remembers the needless suffering and horror that some powerful leaders brought to the world.

Through history, we can see that there are situations outside of our control, like earthquakes, floods, pestilences, and pandemics. Through history, we also see the incredible difference that one person can have on the world.

What will you do with your life in this decade?

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