Coffee and Friends

Yesterday,  I had the opportunity to get together with friends while my mom watched my kids.  When Will heard I was getting together with friends, he said, “Mommy, are you going to drink coffee, talk, and watch a movie?”  I told him that he had the coffee and talking part right.  It’s funny to hear how much our kids know what we like to do!

Talking More

Luke continues to expand his vocabulary.  We love to hear his cute, sweet voice say words that are “new” to him.  Here are some of the latest things he says:

Me: “How are your shoes?”

Luke: “My shoes filthy.”

Me: “Luke, where are you?”

Luke: “Right here!”

Jonathan: “Luke, can you get dressed?”

Luke: “I can’t.”

Me: “Luke, where’s your cup?”

Luke: “Right there.” (as he points to it)

[As we are getting ready to leave my parents’ house…]  Luke: “Take it!  Take it!” (as he points to the diaper bag; he was very concerned we were going to forget it.)

He’s Getting So Big!

Luke is really growing in so many ways!  It’s cute to hear him say stuff like, “Come on, guys!  Come on.”  He also says stuff like, “I’m done,” when he’s done eating.

Today he was trying to read a book about a fire engine.  He said, “Go! Go!  Beep. Beep.”

He couldn’t get a magnetic, learning toy to play so he said, “Push,” to us.  It is fun to listen to him communicate more and more.

Luke is also good at putting together train tracks.  He can set up a few feet worth of train tracks all by himself.

He also pretends to count and will repeat some of the numbers with us.

Our little boy is growing up.