He’s Getting So Big!

Luke is really growing in so many ways!  It’s cute to hear him say stuff like, “Come on, guys!  Come on.”  He also says stuff like, “I’m done,” when he’s done eating.

Today he was trying to read a book about a fire engine.  He said, “Go! Go!  Beep. Beep.”

He couldn’t get a magnetic, learning toy to play so he said, “Push,” to us.  It is fun to listen to him communicate more and more.

Luke is also good at putting together train tracks.  He can set up a few feet worth of train tracks all by himself.

He also pretends to count and will repeat some of the numbers with us.

Our little boy is growing up.

Amicable Destroyer

Luke is our little amicable destroyer!  He smiles adorably while wrinkling his nose and at the same time plows through his brothers’ towers and log cabins, knocking them over.  Poor boys!  Luke also likes to wave now, say “Dadda” and “Mum-mum.”  He is also getting his first tooth.  Another thing he likes to do is to crawl around under the boys seats after dinner to find any morsels they dropped.  We call him our “puppy.”

If I Were Dying…

Okay, we all know that some day, we are going to die — unless the Rapture occurs first.  Yet this morning, I was thinking about the thought of if I knew I only had months to live, how would that change or affect the way I live today?  I thought about my boys — all the many frustrations that occur and the joys too.  I thought how I would want to spend every minute with them doing special things.  I thought of how some things I like to do, like reading, wouldn’t matter if I only had months to live.  I would want to live those months so that my boys would know that Mommy loved them very much.  I do love my boys very much, but sometimes, I get “lost” in the “largeness” of thinking I have years yet with my boys.  I don’t know that I do, and even then, those years go by very fast.  I was thinking how I need to treasure each day that I have with my boys.  I want my boys to remember that they were loved and are loved — not because of how clean the house is, how tasty the meals are, how attractive I look, but because Mommy spent time loving and playing with them and teaching them.