Growing Sons

Here are the latest stats on the boys:

Luke at age 2:

34 1/2 ins. , weighing 30 pounds 2 ozs.

Drew at the same age:

34 1/2 ins. tall, weighing 29 pounds

Will at the same age:

36 ins., weighing 29 pounds 3 ozs.

Amy at the same age:

32 1/4 ins. tall, weighing 25 pounds 12 ozs.

Jonathan at the same age:

35 ins., weighing 26 pounds 12 ozs.

Andrew at 3 3/4 years old:

39 1/4 ins. tall

Will at 40 mos.: 42 ins. tall and at 4 years: 44 ins. tall

Daddy at 3 years old: 37 1/2 ins. and at 4 years: 39 3/4 ins. tall

Will at 5 years old:

46 1/4 ins. tall

Mommy at same age: 42 3/4 ins. tall, weighing 44 pounds

Daddy at 4 3/4 years old: 42 1/4 ins. tall, weighing 38 1/4 pounds

Love to Grow

Tonight as I was chatting with Drew, he asked, “Why are you cuddling with me?”  I said, “Because I love you.”  He said, “Sometimes, I need a lot of love to grow. ”  I asked, “Do you need more love?”  He said, “Yes, I need lots of love so I can grow big like a giant and then jump and make noise and open doors.”

L’s 18-month Apt.

L’s 18-month measuresments are the following:

Height: 33 inches

Weight: 27 pounds

Head: 20 inches — finally grew again!

D is now 39 inches tall!  W1 is now 46 inches tall!

D at 18 months:

Height: 32 1/2 inches

Weight: 28 pounds

W1 at 18 months:

Height: 34 inches

Weight: 29 pounds

Daddy at 18 months:

Height: 34 inches

Weight: 25 pounds 12 ounces

Big Boys!

Will went for his 4-year doctor’s apt. today.  These are his stats.:

44 inches in height, 43 pounds for weight

Will is in the 95 percentile for both weight and height!

Drew’s stats.:

37 inches in height, 34 pounds for weight

Drew is in the 75th percentile for height!

Oh, and for Will’s development, the doctor had him draw a circle, square, cross, and person.  She was very pleased with his drawing abilities.  She also asked him some logic questions and was very impressed with his responses.


Today, I spoke with Will’s teacher.  She said that he is smart, polite, well behaved, listens well, etc…  That was good news!  Will also went potty on his own during nap time.  That is a big deal since he normally just chooses to go in his Pull-ups at that time.  Plus, it was a “biggy.”  🙂

Luke is getting better at standing on his own.  Confidence is the main factor inhibiting him from walking.  He really has the ability to take steps on his own now.  Luke also likes to point at objects, wanting us to say the name of the object.  If he can, he tries to imitate the words we said.

Gardening, Garbage, and Growing Things

Today, the boys and I had fun planting two potted plants, picking up garbage from our lawn, cleaning up leaves from our storage door, weeding, and then playing on the swing set. Drew can now climb up the rock wall by himself to the sliding board. I guess he improved his climbing skills overall from learning how to climb out of his crib.

What a glorious day it is today! Everything is green, blue, or sunshine yellow! Whenever I weed, I often think of a devotional Jonathan once shared at our old church on weeds in relationship to our spiritual lives. Every day activities often produce some of the deepest spiritual lessons. Jesus’ parables were always regarding something practical from His listeners’ daily lives. May I be in tune to the Spirit’s teaching, transforming the mundane of the daily to the glory of eternal truths being made evident in my life!