Growing Luke

Today, I took Luke to his 9-month apt.  Here are his measurements, and then they are followed by his brother’s for comparison:

Luke: 28 1/2 inches in length (my shortest baby)

22 pounds in weight (chubbiest baby)

19 inches head circumference (biggest head)

Drew: 29 inches in length

20 pounds, 4.5 ozs. in weight

18 1/2 inches in head circumference

Will: 29 inches in length

21.5 pounds in weight

18 3/4 inches in head circumference

Amicable Destroyer

Luke is our little amicable destroyer!  He smiles adorably while wrinkling his nose and at the same time plows through his brothers’ towers and log cabins, knocking them over.  Poor boys!  Luke also likes to wave now, say “Dadda” and “Mum-mum.”  He is also getting his first tooth.  Another thing he likes to do is to crawl around under the boys seats after dinner to find any morsels they dropped.  We call him our “puppy.”