Dance With Me


My 19-month-old daughter loves music and loves to dance to it.  Today as I was playing some lovely worship music, Olivia came to me, extended her hand, and said her word for dance: “Dah.”  I asked her if she wanted to dance, and she said it again and then started to dance.  Not only did my heart melt at this, but I began to dance with her.  What a precious moment it was to share with her!

When her Daddy came home, Olivia ran to the door, squealing, “Daddy!  Daddy!”  She now says it quite clearly, and it is so endearing.  I know it melts her daddy’s heart.  Her daddy swung her up into his arms.  As my worship music continued to play, Daddy and daughter began to dance together as well.  It was their moment.

Suddenly, I couldn’t help but think that my Heavenly Father stretches out His hand to mine and says, “Daughter, dance with me.”  Life is a dance in many ways.  Some of us stumble at the slightest change in tempo.  Some of us are so busy that we miss the opportunity to dance to the music — the music that comes when our hearts are in tune with our Creator’s heart.  Some of us hear the music of our Father’s heart and are so in harmony that we are able to “dance” with it. 

Two years ago, my husband and I enjoyed taking a Ballroom Basics class.  It was such a fun couple time, and I absolutely loved it.  I started out with having “two left feet” and I think our instructor wondered if I would ever get it.  By the end of our class, I was able to feel comfortable and even graceful as I danced in my husband’s arms.  I remember one important lesson that we had to learn.  It was that the man leads.  He must lead with firmness.  The woman just follows his lead.  If he leads with weakness (weak hold), the dance will be sloppy in its execution. 

When it comes to our Heavenly Father, He is the one who leads the dance of our lives.  He does it with strength and yet with gentleness.  The more we learn to follow his lead, the more graceful the dance of our lives becomes and the more beautifully it is executed. 

He is the one who leads the dance of our lives.

Our Heavenly Father does ask us to “dance” with Him, to follow His lead, to be in harmony with Him so that our lives follow the “music” of His heart. 

He asks us to dance with Him.

How much though are we like my daughter?  Do we ever ask Him to dance with us?  Do we stop in our days and ask Him, “Daddy, will you dance with me?”  

Do we look for His arrival and listen for His coming, like my daughter does for her daddy?  Will our greeting be with as much delight as my daughter’s squeal?

While we live this life, do we listen for the music of His heart?  Does our heart reflect worship back to Him, and is it a graceful dance to Him — a graceful dance with Him?  Do we stop in our day and ask, “Daddy, dance with me?”

Do we trust ourselves into the hands of our Heavenly Father?  Do we follow the leading of His steps?  Do we listen for the “music” of His heart and dance in time with it?

Do we listen for the “music” of His heart and dance in time with it?

Is our life a graceful dance for Him and with Him?

“Dance with me?”

Luke and Daddy

Luke is definitely a “daddy’s boy” when it comes to bedtime routines.  The norm is that I put the older boys to bed, and Jonathan puts Luke to bed.  As a result, they have really bonded.  Last night as I was preparing Luke for bed he said, “I need daddy.  I want to talk to him.”  Tonight as I was once again preparing him for bed he said, ” I want to give daddy a kiss on his lap.”  I asked him, “You want to give him a kiss on his lap?”  Luke replied, “Uhm … on his nose.”

Drew … Daddy

A few days ago, I had made the boys sandwiches, using bread that has nut-like grain in it.  Will was complaining that he doesn’t like nuts and was trying to remove every “nut.”  Drew instead was quickly eating and said, “I am going to eat the nuts so that I can become a daddy.”  Will responded with, “Nuts don’t make you a daddy.”

Daddies Soon

Last evening as Jonathan was working on the computer, Drew made the following plead to his dad:

Drew: “Can you play with us after “naptime” (sleeping) – ‘cus pretty soon we’re going to be daddies – so you should play with us all day morning.”

Daddies, Neighbors, Germs

A few recent funnies from Drew are the following:

[I was commenting on how the boys are getting bigger as I put a pair of pajamas on Luke that Drew had worn last year.]  Drew said, “But, we all can’t be daddies.  That would be a lot of daddies.”

Will then said, “We could be neighbors.”

[Will and Drew are both sick.  Will in particular was very sick so I had made a pallet on the floor so he didn’t have to climb down from his bunk bed.]  Drew said, “Will’s not sleeping above me so that the germs don’t float down to me.”