Stinky Momma!

As my husband just said, “You truly reek!”  I am heading to the shower after I finish watering the flowers outside and finishing this blog.   Let me tell you the story behind why I stink.

This morning, I went to our chest freezer to pull out some blueberries to serve our guests.   We had noticed for the past week that our garage has been stinking.  I thought it was a dead mouse and so did Jonathan.  As I lifted the lid, I was assaulted with the most horrific odor that you can imagine.  As Will would later exclaim, “I want to throw up!”  A fuse had blown in our garage and so without realizing it, our freezer had no power.  As you can only imagine, I saw lots of fruits, veggies, and meats in varying stages of rot.  The smells and sight were horrific.

I had the disgusting task of cleaning out our freezer.  I hauled loads of rotting food to the garbage can and some to the compost.  I then had to scoop out all the disgusting rotting liquid from the bottom, which meant brushing my head repeatedly against the top of the freezer, my arms against the sides, and managing to splash some of the juice onto my flip-flop-clad feet.  I did wear gloves.  When I was finally done with that, I had to dispose of load after load of the liquids.  I then wiped it all down with bleach water and finally poured bleach water into the freezer.  I have a feeling we’ll have to get rid of the freezer because I am not sure we will truly eliminate such a strong odor as that.

In the meantime as I was scooping out the disgusting liquids, I had fun watching Jonathan play kick-ball with the boys.  I definitely would have much rather joined them, but someone has to clean the freezer.  I was reminded of my mom and how many times she uncomplainingly would clean disgusting stuff when we were little.  I am truly thankful for her!  My mother-in-law is the same — she doesn’t find any task beneath her.  What great examples!

Even though I truly stink, I feel that I have earned the right to smell.  🙂 Ha!  I just hope a shower eliminates the smell, or I may have to sleep in a different room tonight.  🙂


Good Boy

Tonight as I was preparing Luke for bed, he hopped down to grab his blankie.  In the process, he knocked a sock for tomorrow down on the floor.  He bent down and picked it up and returned the sock to the bed.  I immediately expressed my appreciation and delight!  Luke then said, “I good boy?”  I replied, “Yes, you are a good boy!”  🙂

Clean Carpet?

Yesterday, I had the joy of seeing my filthy carpet finally “clean” since my mom brought her carpet cleaner and cleaned my carpets for me.  What a blessing she is!!!  Today, my one son decided to “christen” the carpet.  I found him stark naked and peeing on the carpet.  Sometimes, I wonder why I try to clean.  I guess because it would be even worse.  Uhm…  So, I comfort myself with the thought that someday I will have a clean house — just not now.  🙂

Potty training Duo, Pre-school, & Pristine…

Son-W1 and Son-D are both being potty trained now.  We have had successful events for both boys, which is exciting.  I am looking forward to hopefully soon having just one boy in diapers during the day, instead of two in diapers and one in Pull-ups.  On the potty training, note I had an adventure today with the boys.  I stepped out on the porch briefly to stay good bye to our babysitter today while the boys were sitting on the potty.  I came back inside to quickly check on the boys and found them emptying my lotion into the toilet, splashing water from the toilet all over the floor; and Son-D scrubbing his head with the toilet brush, water from the toilet, and my lotion.  Ugh!!!

Son-W1’s first 1 1/2 hours of pre-school went well today.  He enjoyed the other kids and behaved very well.  I enjoyed meeting the other moms and kids.  I think Son-W1 is going to really enjoy pre-school.  He seemed to have fun his first day.  Yeah!

I feel very content now that I finally have a cleaner and more organized house.  I can’t clean often because I am too busy with the boys, and there is rarely a “safe” time to do it.  Yesterday, I resorted to not a great solution but the only one that would work without having someone else around to help.  I used movies.  I save them for events like this…  I don’t like to have to use movies so I rarely clean.  I clean bathrooms and vacuum downstairs during nap times.  Cleaning places like the upstairs, organizing filing cabinets, and bedrooms, etc… though doesn’t get done often.  Anyway, I put a movie on and locked the boys in the family room in their high chairs with some toys and cleaned the upstairs.  During their nap time, I cleaned the downstairs, bathrooms, filled out some more paperwork for Son-W1’s school, and swept my porch and spider webs off around the house.  After I put the boys to bed, I sorted and filed and reorganized our bills and business paperwork.  It felt so good to finally get to this stuff.  I even reorganized my husband’s CD’s and our games yesterday!  What a great feeling!  Our house isn’t exactly “pristine,” but in my mind it is just as good to me.

Dangerous Household Pollutants

My husband just showed me an article by Dr. Joyce M. Woods, called Know Your A.B.C.’s. I have heard this information from various sources, and it has been validated. In a nut shell, women who work in the home have a 54% percent higher chance of developing cancer than those who work outside the home. The reason: household pollutants, such as the following: Lysol Disinfectant, Bleach, VO5 Hair Care, Clairol Nice and Easy Hair Coloring, Cover Girl Make up, Crest toothpaste, pesticides, to name a few. The list is lengthy, but includes many other products. This definitely concerns me as I use bleach and Lysol all the time. My question is, “How do I get rid of mold, body fluids, and other contaminates without using these cleaners? I should probably be buying more vinegar and trying that in our laundry. I also heard of baking soda. I found that these products don’t clean our toilet bowl very well though. I wonder if they disinfect from germs either. Any helpful suggestions anyone?