A New Bathroom & A New Baby

We are getting ready at our house for a new baby and for a new bathroom!  Jonathan has been ripping out old walls so we can put in a new bathroom downstairs.  I can’t wait to have a bathroom that we can easily access without always climbing stairs.  It will also have a shower, which will be great when company comes.  No more needing to have company trek through our bedroom in order to use our shower.  My only concern is will this get done in time before Baby arrives.  I really want the mess out of the house before then.  I guess that’s the main job and putting in our garden before Baby arrives.  Of course, I want to clean my attic too, but I have decided to be realistic and to not hold onto that expectation.  My dear husband is doing all he can with the time he has to get the bathroom done.

It’s hard to believe how soon our little one will be here.  I love to look into her drawers at the adorable clothing and imagine her wearing it all.  The only thing I have left to do is to pack my bags, and that I am definitely waiting to do until we are much closer to her due date.  🙂


Questions Concerning Baby

We told our boys a few nights ago that we are having another baby.   Since then, the boys have said some of the following things:

Drew: “I can’t believe there is a baby in your belly.”  “Mommy, can you sometime show me the baby in your belly?”

Luke: “Is there really a baby in your belly?”