To Learn About Something, What Do We Study?

The Truth Shall Make You Free


1.  If you want to learn about something, what do you study?

  • You learn about the thing (person, place, thing, or idea) by studying the thing.

2.  If you want to learn about something, is it reliable to solely study how it is used?

  • Sometimes, we may gain insight by watching how that thing is used, but there is great potential risk to this method of interpretation.  We may gain a false concept of the thing because of the potential false usage of that thing.  

3.  If you want to learn about something, do you study those using the thing or study the source of the thing?

  • Another way to ask that question is, “Should those using the thing determine its authenticity or should the source of the thing determine its authenticity?”
  • What’s the best way to learn about an Apple iPhone?  Do you learn about it best through your friend, Johnny, who owns a phone and may or may not know how to use yours or through a manual that was created specifically for your exact model of iPhone?
  • If we continually look to human practice to determine the authenticity of something, we are looking to a flawed source.  Therefore, there is potential for a flawed result in our understanding.

4. What does our focus tell us in regards to our motives?

  • Focusing on the abuses or false can become an excuse for avoiding truth that is uncomfortable.
  • If we focus on the misapplication of a truth, it is easy for us to dismiss the reality of the truth and justify our avoidance of it. 
  • We think that by finding how the truth is falsely applied, we can somehow avoid the reality of the truth.

In summary:

  • Truth is truth, regardless of how it is potentially misunderstood or misapplied.
  • There will be abuses of the authentic in the practices of flawed humans, but the abuses never change the reality of the truth.

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