The Journey…

Camel Shadows


The past few days, I have been feeling some discouragement.  The journey of life can be like that.

The Lord then brought to my mind the story of the Israelites.  They had left the slavery and oppression in Egypt, but then after days, weeks, and months of wandering in the wilderness, they started to think that maybe slavery back in Egypt might be preferable to the challenges of their circumstances.  The desert was hot.  They were thirsty.  They ate the same food every day.  They had attacking armies to fight.  They were tired of their bickering neighbors, the noise of so many people, the lack of solitude…

The Promised Land sounded more and more distant.

The Israelites didn’t realize that the journey was part of their preparation for the Promised Land.  They couldn’t reach the Promised Land without first fighting the battles and overcoming their enemies, without learning dependence upon God’s daily provision of Manna, and without discovering that He was their shelter from the blazing sun and their light in the darkness.

I want to skip the battles.  I want to forget that my daily life is dependent upon God.  I sometimes forget that He is my source of comfort, shelter, and light.

The Promised Land is never reached through my own efforts.

The journey to the Promised Land teaches me that I am completely dependent upon God.  As I eat my daily provision, experience His help in my daily battles, and take comfort in His shelter, I learn the greatness of His faithfulness.

Great is His faithfulness!

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