People or a Cause



We read the newspaper articles, and feelings of anger immediately flare.  We see the pictures, and outrage occurs.  You don’t have to go further than a Facebook browser to see that there is immense suffering and needs on this earth.

We may decide to join a cause that goes along with our feelings and beliefs.

Sometimes though, we focus so much on a cause, a ministry, a platform, a political stance that we forget that our motivation is supposed to be about people.

There are worthy causes.  There are worthy ministries.  There is a time to stand on a platform and to speak to the heart of a cause.

We just want to be careful that in our pursuit of ministry and a cause that we don’t forget the individuals for whom we fight.

If we are not driven because of authentic compassion and respect for the people, then perhaps we should get off the platform and get down among the people.

People are not a cause or a means to find your platform.

People are people who need to be loved, heard, and seen for themselves.

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