The Gauntlet

Monument to Alexander the Great in Skopje 1


The gauntlet has been thrown!

Last night, a number of dear friends, my husband, and myself gathered for hours of prayer. The prayer time was absolutely amazing — so fervent, and we prayed for whatever God was placing on our hearts. We prayed for so many things, but one prayer stood out to me: for a wave of love, healing, reconciliation to sweep our nation. God was speaking so clearly to our hearts, and I am still basking in the peace and joy from His presence.

At the end of our prayer time, I received a text with very tragic news from a family member. My heart has been burdened for them, but I am walking in the hope that God can bring beauty from ashes.

Anything we surrender to Him — including our worst sins or deepest wounds or horrific trials we may be facing — can become the soil in which He sows His most precious seeds that nourish and heal souls.

There is so much happening to derail us, to divide us, to distract us, and to intimidate us.

Warriors though never look at their enemy to decide on their next move; they simply listen for the commands of their officers. It is the captain’s responsibility to direct, protect, and orchestrate victory moves.

Today, I refuse to be intimidated by the fear, hatred, bitterness, and destruction of the enemy (not referring to any specific people, groups, or religions). Instead, I will tune my ears and focus my eyes even more for the next command from the Captain of my Soul.

The gauntlet has been thrown, and it is not about political parties, denominations, races, or genders. It is the challenge between good and evil, hate and love, bitterness or forgiveness, grace or pride, selfishness or selflessness, and truth or deception/compromise.

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