When You Want To Quit



“I feel like giving up!”

This is what I felt recently…

I am not a quitter so quitting simply isn’t a word in my dictionary, but you can quit without quitting. You can lose the passion, lose the drive, lose the desire.

It’s okay to not be gushing passionately about something. It’s okay to admit that you are going through a tough time. Just be careful you don’t begin to live out your feelings.

Just be careful where and when you say those words so you don’t pull others down, but you can encourage others by sharing the authentic struggle. 

There comes a time when you have to push through/press through the pain.

The mental hurdle is the biggest hurdle of all!

The greatest victories are not seen in the easy times — the times when everything is going our way.

The greatest victories are when we are birthing our dreams.

We birth our dreams in the midst of terrific anguish and pain. We birth our dreams when we press through pain to bring forth the outcome that is on the other side.

I have given birth to five children, naturally, and I know what I am talking about! You don’t think you can do it, but you do!!! You bear down, you yell out, you put every ounce of concentration into expelling a baby from your womb. It’s messy, it’s excruciatingly painful, but it’s exhilarating and miraculous!

True dreams are birthed through overcoming the greatest obstacles!

On the spiritual side, that is what makes our salvation so precious and amazing!!! Our spiritual inheritance was “birthed” through the crushing and agonizing death of Jesus Himself!

It is learning to walk in His victory that we experience the greatest joy!  Learning to walk in His victory is “grunt” work, but it’s “grunt” work that becomes infinitely precious and exhilarating as freedom is found there!


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