Loved this post! So speaks of what God has been gently whispering into the depths of my heart…!  Reblogging from a fellow Blogger-Mommy…

jo's boys

I watched the sun rise and slowly chase away low-lying fog outside, curled in my big chair under my robe, coffee mug in hand and Bible open…but my mind was not on my reading.

My mind was already bombarded with anxious thoughts. So many things to do today. I mentally ran through my to-do list and I knew there was no way I could do it all. I dislike starting a Monday feeling behind, but here I was at 6:30 AM already behind.

And then, like the sun slowly warming the sleeping earth, my anxious thoughts began to clear.


What stresses me? Things I wanted in my life to begin with.

The work I prayed for. Jobs I asked for.

Teaching my children and passing on to them my love of learning. Practicing hours of music everyday and the joy of watching them gradually turn into little musicians.

A home that is untidy…

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