Truth Is Only Truthful To Itself

The Truth Shall Make You Free


I just read this comment from a younger friend on Facebook:

I saw this post from a teacher that said that her student asked her if her answers to the math problems could be considered “alternative facts”; because the teacher said she got them wrong, and she didn’t like that. What? Since when did we become so tolerant that we don’t even regard common sense anymore? The laws of the universe? And that’s not being dramatic. Math is involved with physics, which help us translate what is going on in the universe.

My response to this:

This just proves once again the absurdity of deciding there is no absolute truth! Our universe operates on certain standards… We indeed walk away from intelligent conclusions, truthful answers, and reliable outcomes if we refuse to acknowledge that there are principles that we cannot control or manipulate according to our own whims or passions. I have said this before, but truth is only truthful to itself.

Let me say that again:

Truth is only truthful to itself.

As much as we may dislike a rule, standard, principle, or conclusion, we cannot twist the truth to please ourselves. 

Would we really want that anyway?

Would we want “truth” to be altered to please whomever defined it at the moment for themselves?

Would that not be the opposite of truth?

The reliable thing about truth is that it is a standard that is above the mere whims of people. 

Truth is above the opinions of people. 

Truth is above the preferences of people. 

Truth is above the passions of people.

I went to for the meaning of truth, and the follow popped up:

noun, plural truths [trooth z, trooths] (Show IPA)

thetrueor actual state of a matter:

He tried to find out the truth.

conformity with fact or reality; verity:

the truth of a statement.

a verified or indisputable fact, proposition, principle, or the like:

mathematical truths.

the state or character of beingtrue.

actuality or actual existence.

an obvious or accepted fact; truism; platitude.

honesty; integrity;truthfulness.
While Googling truth, I came across this article, and I am posting only a segment of it:

What Is Truth?

Truth has always been accompanied by a doubled-mindedness. It is something that people claim to want, but few can bear. Socrates searched for it. Jesus bore witness to it, and Pilate answered, albeit rhetorically, “What is truth?” Truth is seeing things as they really are and ascribing to them their appropriate valuations. It is an identity that rises above mere opinion and affirmatively corresponds to a reality that transcends itself. Jack Nicholson says that we can’t handle it, while the Son of Man holds that it sets us free. Truth is a lot like virtue — in that most everyone claims to desire it, but the general consensus deep down is that they would rather have pie.

Yes, people do not always welcome it, when, like a Jehovah’s Witness, it comes knocking at their doors. For much of humanity, self-deception holds a more soothing comfort: for illusions are fuzzy and forgiving like jogging pants. Some people never look in the mirror because of truth and tests are constructed in order to determine if we know what people say it is. And if you are standing before a judge or fighting a war, it would seem a very good thing to have truth on your side — or an M-16.

The ancients equated it with wisdom. The Enlightenment valued it as a tool of emancipation from a world it was trying to bury. The post-moderns, beginning with Nietzsche, however, denied its ultimate existence and brashly claimed that the whole historical veneration of truth was merely a cynical means to secure power. Their legacy to us, one that is even now being chipped away, is that truth is perspectival — one man’s truth is another man’s false narrative.

Here is an interesting video on truth:

In a post-modern culture when opinions and standards seem to be as shifting as sand, may we look past ourselves to that which is greater than ourselves — to Truth Himself.



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