Abortion & The March For Life

hammer to fall


Today was the annual March for Life — an event that protests the 1973 Roe V. Wade ruling by the Supreme Court that legalized abortion in the United States of America.

My son was able to participate in the March for Life today. As I prepared him for the day with plenty of food and warm clothes, I couldn’t help but worry for his safety because of concern over the potential violence of protestors.  I considered whether I should send him or not but decided this was a great opportunity for him to understand the importance of an unborn baby’s right to live.  (It’s “funny” how my kids get the simplicity of this truth and don’t need long explanations.)   I was thankful that my son gets to experience a part of  what I participated in as a child and teenager.

My life and pro-life convictions were forever impacted when my parents offered to adopt a married woman’s unwanted baby. This woman was told by her abortionist that she couldn’t have her 7th abortion because it was too risky.  She and her husband were professional people with good careers and had two “older” children.

Because this woman couldn’t obtain an immediate abortion, she began to look into other options and was eventually connected to my parents.  My parents began the process of seeking to adopt the unborn baby.

Fast forward a short amount of time, and I will never forget that moment that will forever be etched in my mind…

I was with my sister at a highschool event, and we got the call from my mom that our future baby brother had lost his life. The woman had finally found an abortion clinic that would perform a high-risk abortion (high-risk because of the danger to a mother with so many abortions), and she went through with her 7th abortion.

I remember how upon hearing the news, I found a secluded spot and wept — wept for the life of a baby who didn’t get a chance to live, wept for my future brother that I would never get to hold and love, wept for a life ended over the convenience of the mother. After that life-changing event, I decided to become a voice of social justice — justice for the most helpless.

I would never tell another woman what to do with her body, but this isn’t about another woman’s body. It’s about what is done to an innocent life, housed within her body.

No one should ever be given the power to decide the validity or value of another being’s life. When we stoop to that level, we stoop to a level that has no limits to its cruelty.

We must see the abortion issue clearly. Forget the deceptive wording. This isn’t about a woman’s choice. This is about an unborn baby’s right to life!

A woman has a choice before she becomes pregnant. After that, the choice is no longer the woman’s alone. Then, it becomes the right to life that takes precedent.

In fact our Declaration of Independence decrees that all persons have an unalienable right to life.

In honor of that baby boy that was to have been my brother, I will forever defend the unborn baby’s right to life.

Philip, this is for you!  You see, dear brother of my heart, I have not forgotten you, and your life lives on in a powerful legacy — a legacy that gave me the courage to be an advocate for other vulnerable lives just like yours.

Philip, you are not forgotten!

Your life was not in vain.

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