Our Most Vulnerable Times Reveal Our Greatest Strengths

Statue of Liberty


Last night went in an unexpected direction!

My youngest son came down with what appeared to be a cold Thursday night. By Friday evening, EMT’s were at our house, and our son took a trip to the ER. Our son was diagnosed with pneumonia and returned home. We took him to his pediatrician’s today, but once again, we are waiting for him to be able to drink and take the meds. he needs. Poor child is miserable!!! We have tried his favorite drinks and foods to get the meds. in him but to no avail.

Last night, as the children scurried around helping us to get our little guy’s favorite things ready for a trip to the hospital, I couldn’t help but notice how in the midst of this, the family pulled together. It seems that in our challenging times, that we also see our greatest strengths.

This then made me think of our nation in the midst of so much conflict, so much division, and anger — that it is when we go through our darkest times and struggles that our greatest strengths and weaknesses are revealed. The challenging times is when hate is revealed but also when selfless love is revealed. The wounded times is when bitterness is manifested or forgiveness is initiated. The dark times is when despair is noted or hope is shared.

As I try to distract my sick child and comfort his little soul, may I encourage us all to be a “ray” of light, unswerving hope, bridges of reconciliation, but also committed to a purpose that transcends our own selfish ambitions or party affiliations but a purpose that answers to a call Higher than ourselves. May God bless America!



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