A Few Quick Thoughts On Inauguration Day…

American flag 2


Thoughts about today’s Inauguration events:

There have been many presidential elections that resulted differently than I voted, but I never turned to hateful and derogatory comments. Why? Because God says to respect those in authority, and it’s easy to do when your hope isn’t in a person but in God.

Let me repeat that last part again:

…it’s easy to do when your hope isn’t in a person but in God.

I am not saying that I haven’t experienced disappointment, but if I want to see unity in this country, then I must be the unifier. I must be the one who demonstrates good will, forgiveness, mercy, and grace. I must be the one who says, “I will stand up and live what I proclaim.”

It’s easy to espouse social justice and equality for all but live out some of the most intolerant reactions.

Remember, “Character is often more caught than taught.”

If we want to see change, what are our kids seeing in us?

If we say we want unity and equality, how do we respond to those who vote differently than we do?

I want to quote from a friend on Facebook, J. Epstein:

The reactions, social media posts, language and behaviors of my fellow Americans today is by FAR more concerning to me than the 45th president.


In 4, or 8, years we will have a new president… but our country will be standing much much longer than that; and THAT is where my heart, faith and focus lies. We are blessed with free speech in this country, yet many of us choose to use that freedom to spew hateful, divisive language. It is disappointing, and at times disheartening.

We have stood for more, overcome much worse, and never failed to show countless acts of compassion that are very rarely highlighted by the media. This too, is disheartening.

Remember who you are, remember who is watching, remember who looks up to you and depends on your example. I believe if many would do that today, they would really reconsider their behavior.

God Bless America, EACH and EVERY day, through EACH and EVERY chosen leader. Amen.

America, it’s time that we look at ourselves because America is only what we make it to be.  A country/government is a reflection on its citizens.

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