What Thoughts Are You Going To Wear Today?

wardrobe door


“What is in your thought closet is what you are going to wear throughout your day.”

I read that quote in Jennifer Rothschild’s book, Me, Myself, and Lies.  I immediately began to ponder the truth of this.  What was in my thought closet, and as a result, what was I wearing throughout my day?

Later that day as I was talking with a friend about fears she was battling.  I shared the above quote with her.

As I was sharing it with her, I could see in my mind this big, ugly brown fur coat (not a pretty one), and it was hogging my wardrobe, taking over the beautiful garments.  Have you ever seen a stuffed animal that has gone through the washer and dryer and come out all matted, rough, and dull?  That’s what this fur coat was like.  It was ugly!  God began to speak to my heart that this ugly fur coat represented those thoughts upon which we continually dwell that are not from Him — not truthful or gracious.

My friend began to tell me that she was seeing a big ugly fur coat in her thought wardrobe, representing her fears.  I was amazed but knew God was speaking to both of our hearts!!!

Then, she told me that she kept hearing God tell her, “I Am!”  As she said that, I immediately saw this plaque above the wardrobe with the words, “I Am,” emblazoned in gold letters.

I could then visualize this wardrobe, full of gorgeous clothing with tags, showing costs that were priceless. The garments were all paid for and placed in my wardrobe by God Himself for me. One garment showed the words, “Righteous.” Another garment showed the name “Brave.” Another garment said “Glorious.” There were many more just as beautiful and priceless!  They were all there for me to wear and to enjoy, given to me by God Himself and purchased by Him. …and the garments never wear out.

God then spoke to my heart, “You keep going back to your garbage can and pulling out the old fur coat and trying to wear your pretty clothes over top.” He spoke to my heart once again, “It’s time you burned that old fur coat.”

For my friend, her fur coat was fears.  For me, my fur coat is: “I am a failure — not enough — and that I have to be perfect.” God keeps telling me that I am loved. I am enough because I am His! He tells me that I am worthy of those priceless garments because He declared me so. He made me so. I am His!!! I belong. I am loved. I am cherished.

Amazingly enough as I described what I was seeing, my friend said she was visualizing the exact same thing: God was showing her burning the old fur coat in a metal trashcan. 

The problem is that we often know we need to remove old lies, wounds, fears, and so we rid our minds of them for a time, but then we keep going back to them — pulling them back out of the rubbish heaps, trash-cans, and recycling bins and trying to wear them again and again.  We need to burn them once in for all.  How do we do that?

David did that with Goliath!  When David hit Goliath in the head with a stone, he then took Goliath’s sword and cut off his head with it.  He cut off the voice of his offender/oppressor.

The lies keep coming back when we give them something to feed on.  If the lies and fears have nowhere to feed, they will starve and go away.

Satan keeps attacking us in the areas where we have chinks in our armor.  

Why is our thought-life or our thought-wardrobe so important?  

Because if we believe we are a failure, we will live failure.

If we believe we aren’t enough, we will live inferiority.

If we believe we can’t, we will live hopeless.

What we fill our thought wardrobes with is what we will wear.

I want to leave you with this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5niArGTW2bs.  As you reflect upon what is in your thought closet, may you recognize that God has already placed inside your wardrobe the garments that He wants you to wear.  It’s time to burn the old and walk in the new.  I love the following verse that puts it so beautifully:

2 Corinthians 5:17

17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.

Here is a website to reference for your thoughts’ wardrobe: https://www.reviveourhearts.com/…/your-thought-closet-make…/.

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