A Letter To My Leaders

Bird In Flight


Today, I posted the following to my team of leaders:  (I wanted to share it since I think that more than just my team can benefit from this.)


This is on my heart to say:

I want to encourage each of you to do your very best and stretch your wings, to awaken to your own gifts, but I don’t want you to ever feel that your worth is based upon your performance.

With all of this encouragement and coaching to grow and do better, it’s easy to start losing sight of the fact that we are all unique individuals on our own journeys.

I want you to understand that my biggest goal is for you to walk into the full “giftings” God has given to you, to not hide from them, to not feel unworthy of them, but to embrace them.

Let me tell you, I am learning this — learning to walk in who I am, regardless of who appreciates it, understands my unique gifts, or even believes in me.

I used to always base my worth on what others thought of me…

God is calling me to walk out my freedom now. It’s not always easy!!! There are days I walk in my victory in spite of the way I feel and in spite of the feedback I am getting.

God was showing me recently that each testing is an opportunity to have that pivotal moment in life when we make the defining decision to choose differently — to choose victory and freedom over fear, shame, and rejection

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