Belonging & Being


( JEANNE Iliescu)

It had happened once again…  I had allowed the temporal to distract me from my eternal purpose.  I had looked to things, to relationships, and to accomplishments for a sense of satisfaction and worth.  The thing is they hadn’t.  I only felt more distracted, rushed, stressed, and pressured.

My time with the Lord was lacking because I was not making it a priority.

Other important relationships were also seeing some neglect as I wasn’t giving them the time, energy, and focus they deserved.

Yes, I confess all of this.  This was me before this past Monday…

I had allowed myself to become distracted by “good things,” but those “good things” weren’t my ultimate calling, worth, or source of life.

Then into the “void” that comes from not “being” centered, God’s loving voice began to convict me.

I love the fact that God loves me too much to keep me in an unhealthy state!  When I am “off,” He will speak conviction in order to bring me back into “alignment” with Him.  His conviction is often so gentle and kind and yet truthful.

God began to convict me that I when I began to be distracted by those other things, I had subtlely begun to look to those things to fulfill me, to bring me happiness, and to give me a sense of worth.  Without fully recognizing what was happening, I had “transplanted” my sense of “being”/belonging to those things.

That’s why Scripture says,

Matthew 6:21

21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

God began to ask me to yield those things to Him.  I know better, but my will didn’t want to easily submit this to God.  I am honest with God.  (You can’t be anything else with Him.)  My response was, “God, I know I need to yield this to you, but I am really having a hard time giving this up, giving over control of it to you.”  I guess I was afraid that if I gave it up to Him, I would be “missing out” or would lose something important.

The truth is I had already lost the most important thing: my intimate fellowship with God.  Instead of my thoughts being continually centered and satisfied in Him, I was constantly worrying, striving, and obsessing over some other things.

The interesting thing is the things we think will fulfill us don’t.  We can see this by the way we are never satisfied.  We achieve a new goal or accomplishment, and we want more.  We acquire a new possession, and we want more.   It’s never enough.

The one thing I have found always, always, always satisfies is God Himself.  I have never found anything to satisfy or complete me like He does.  When I am “centered” in Him, I am complete, at rest (soul rest), and utterly content.  It’s an amazing and beautiful experience that you can only understand if you too have found God as your Source of Life!

As I close this post, may I encourage you to “Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.”

There is nothing more beautiful, fulfilling, or that gives  a greater sense of worth, being, and belonging then being “centered” in Him!

It is the eternal that gives the temporal its purpose.