My Recent Travels … Europe!

For those of you who follow my blog posts, you probably noticed I was “silent” for awhile recently.  Part of the reason for the “silence” was a recent trip I took to some beautiful sights in Europe.

Due to an invitation to join a family member, unbeatable rates, and my husband’s encouragement, I decided to go.

My first stop was a flight into Warsaw, Poland.  We were there for several hours before departing for Budapest, Hungary.  In Budapest, we toured many beautiful sights.  I will include pictures and let them speak for themselves:

Budapest is know as the “Spa Capital of the World.”  I will post a picture that shows the beautiful ornate yellow building that is the location for their mineral baths.

We saw their opera, an art museum, Hero Square, the palace, and so much more!  We were able to enjoy an authentic meal with Gypsy music and dance.  So much fun!

And we visited the Grand Budapest Motel, which was featured in a movie.  We felt like celebrities in such opulence.


There were sad moments as well.  One of the most emotional times was seeing a memorial set up in honor of Holocaust victims.  Seeing the actual shoes of babies/toddlers who lost their lives in such a horrific way…  Seeing the personal items, names, and actual faces of innocent victims was tearfully sobering…

We departed Budapest by bus and drove through Slovakia on our way to Prague, Czech Republic.  Shortly after departure, we experienced a flat tire and had to wait a good hour before help arrived.  We were then able to resume our journey.  The tire blew immediately before a large pull-off.  We passed a previous vehicle that was not so fortunate.  The vehicle had lost control due to the flat tire and manged to land upside down on its roof.

Prague was just as “magical” as we had heard!  Amazing architecture wherever you turned!

Here are some pictures to show just a few of its amazing sights.   You’ll see its Parliament building, the Prague Palace, famous bridges (Charles Bridge), cathedrals, the Astronomical Clock Tower, Wenceslas Square, the Jewish Quarter, The National Theater, and much more…

And more…

We ended our trip with a flight back to Warsaw and then home again!  What an unforgettable adventure!

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