Battle Call!

An army of such magnitude of size that there seems to be no end… Soldiers standing, shields locked, shoulder to shoulder. Then “Aslan” roars! The soldiers lift their swords as one, while they unite their voices in one triumphant battle cry… As one, they step forward while one name shines forth with blinding brilliance… The name of Jesus is emblazoned across their breasts, and it is His name they cry. He is calling His warriors, and today is their day! Today is His day! Hear the roar!

This is not a physical battle, but it is a battle of epic proportions: it is the battle for the souls of mankind in this fallen world.

Soldiers, it is time to put on your armor and to claim the victory that Jesus won for you.  Erect His standard upon every area of your life.  This is not a time for defeat or apathy.  This is your time.  This is His time!

Wear His name with unshakable confidence!