Savor The Season

Christmas was always my favorite time of year.

As a child, it was “magical” as I would gaze in awe at all of the twinkling lights and would anticipate the simple but delightful gifts I was given.  I loved sitting with my family while Mom read Christmas stories to us.  I loved the tasty food, curling up on the sofa with a good book, the days off from school, and enjoying my new gifts.

I remember my first Christmas as a new wife.  My husband and I drove to this simple “tree” farm, and we found one of the cheapest and scrawniest trees in those woods.  My husband cut it down, and I carried it back to the car on my shoulders.  It was that small.  My husband and I joked about our “Charlie Brown” Christmas tree, but it was our first tree, and we loved it.

I remember hanging our chiffon, white pew bows from our wedding on that tree and decorating the tree with beautiful, Victorian ornaments that my husband had bought for a good price.  I remember the cranberries and popcorn we strung.  I remember the excitement I felt to celebrate our first Christmas as a married couple in our first home!

Then, there was another new home to which we moved and the addition of babes.  Christmas was so special, seen through the eyes of our little ones!

Somehow along the way, I began to feel sad about recent Christmases.  …and I wondered why?  What had changed for me?

I realized that perhaps it was that my focus all along had been off and thus not satisfying.  I had focused on making my home beautiful for Christmas.

I still love decorating, but budgets limit our abilities.


Christmas is not about the decorations.

Christmas is about love, expectation, worship, and adulation.  It’s about sacrificial and welcoming love.  It’s about treasuring things that truly matter — like family and God, most of all.

This Christmas, I find that even though my house is decorated, it’s the simple things that matter most to me — having a deeper appreciation for Christ’s love for me and sharing in that love with family.

This season, let’s savor the things that really matter and offer our homes and most of all our hearts to those that really matter.

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