The Gift Of Today

ââ??º<i>Suntoucher</i>, Groove Armada ââ?¢Â«


“For some today, God’s sovereignty has come to mean that God arbitrarily or randomly exercises His power; that somehow He has fatefully designed the course of human affairs toward a destiny that involves nothing of human participation. But as earlier mentioned, what God does with reference to earth, He has chosen to do in partnership with human kind who will respond to His love and who will welcome His power and grace into their lives and then into their world.” — Jack Hayford

Every day, I am given the gift of surrender — surrendering my will to God’s — El Elyon — the Most High God.

God asks us to give Him ourselves and then let Him fill us, complete us, redeem us, empower us, heal us.

I once had a friend tell me that I was humble, and I replied, “I am actually the opposite in my natural state. But in God, I am.”  In my flesh, I am envious, proud, condemning, self-righteous, impatient, angry, irritable.

In God, as I surrender to Him, it is His attributes that fill and heal the broken.

The gift of this life is the gift to be surrendered and then to watch God be glorified as the transformation reveals the work of a Master!

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