A Date With My Son


We were months “late” on our promised date, but the time had finally arrived.

The weather was absolutely perfect: very low humidity, if any.  Sunny, blue skies and white, fluffy clouds.  Highs around 80.  It was the kind of day that was perfect for being on a lake or going to the ocean.

I suggested to my date that we paddle-boat at a lake in the area.

We grabbed my date’s favorite meal at McDonalds and then headed to the lake.

Once situated in our boat with life-vests, we began to paddle out from the inlet into the wide-expanse of the lake.  Our attempts to paddle to the right met with a lot of resistance so we steered instead to the left.

We took several “selfies” of us on the lake.  My favorites were of the sun glinting in the natural highlights of his hair, his head resting on his folded arms behind him, his big grins, the lake sparkling in the sunlight, and of the two of us together with wind-blown hair, smiling happily.

My favorite moments were when we were paddling furiously back to the inlet to return our boat in time to pick up kids and realized that we had to paddle against the current to return to the inlet.  At one point, I wondered if we were going to make it back or run out of steam.  My legs were burning, and we were paddling furiously but making little progress.  It was then my date said, “It’s a good thing you have me along because I have lots of energy to burn.”  Oh the delightful richness of laughter…!

Another great memory was of us splashing each other while we made it back into the inlet, all hot and steamy from our furious paddling.  There was so much sweetness in those moments — simple fun on the lake, physical exertion, candid conversation while we paddled out to the large expanse of the lake, enjoying the beauty together, working together to return to shore, laughter, and happy play as we splashed each other.

My date didn’t say a lot, but what he did and the look of contentment on his face told me everything I wanted to know: he’d enjoyed himself and enjoyed our time together.

We don’t get these times of uninterrupted one-on-one time together very often, but I am thankful for when we do.

I can’t freeze time, but forever in my heart will be these memories, framed in the love I hold for the precious people in my life.

Thanks, Son, for sharing a special day with me!  Thanks for helping us get back to the shore!  Thanks for your beautiful heart and your desire to do what’s right and good!  Thanks for the laughs and splashes!  Thanks, Son, for helping to make this journey of life so rewarding!

I love you!