Lessons From Ancient History

The Acropolis hill, so called the "Sacred Rock" of Athens, is the most important site of the city. During Perikles' Golden Age, ancient Greek civilization was represented in an ideal way on the hill and some of the architect...


I’ve been enjoying reading through a devotional book called, Men & Women Of The Bible.  In this devotional, it takes the lives of men and women from Biblical times and applies lessons from their lives to our lives today.  This book has been so insightful!

In the following paragraphs are quotes from this book that give insightful applications to our lives today:


Jehoida, the priest, helped to save the life of Joash, the only survivor of an attempt to wipe out the male descendants of King David.  He then became the child-king’s mentor.

Jehoida and Joash led a significant renewal of the nation.  The temple of Baal was destroyed, and God’s temple in Jerusalem was gradually renovated. …Jehoida provided Joash with helpful counsel, but he couldn’t compensate for the king’s lack of internal stability.  Joash was usually swayed by the latest counselor who had his ear.  Even the best advice must be received and followed if it is to be effective.

Jehoram of Judah

The reign of King Jehoram, son of Jehoshaphat, marked a low point in the history of Judah.  His reign was filled with sin and cruelty … The people of Judah willingly followed Jehoram’s evil ways.  But by the time he died, they were sick of him … The people had chafed under the consequences of Jehoram’s sin, but they blamed their suffering on him rather than accept their own responsibility...  Are you tolerating sin by blaming its presence on someone else? 


Jehoshaphat knew better than to make the mistakes he made.  His troubles began when he joined forces with evil King Ahab … he mustered the nerve to cry out to God, who miraculously saved him [in a battle].

Unfortunately, few believers remember Jehoshaphat’s brazen request for God’s mercy when they fall into sin.  Instead of running to God for forgiveness and restoration, their guilt persuades them to run from him — a lingering instinct from the days in the garden. … turning to God is always the best recourse.  No matter how greatly you have sinned, God wants you to call on him for help.


When the challenges were obvious, Jehoshaphat turned to God for guidance and made the right choices … Jehoshaphat, however, was not so reliant on God in his day-to-day affairs.  …We repeat Jehoshaphat’s error when we fail to seek God’s counsel in routine decisions.  Because we lack the patience or trust to consult with him, we find ourselves making foolish choices that hurt ourselves or others.


Jehosheba made an impulsive decision that changed the course of a nation.  Ruthless Queen Athaliah, Jehosehba’s mother was planning to murder every prince in the royal family … Jehosheba decided to rescue at least one of the children … This crucial moment in Jehosheba’s life demonstrates an important lesson: Even when evil has the upper hand, we are still called to do good where we can.  We may not be able to change everything, but we ought to do whatever we can.  It’s impossible to know how great an effect a single act will have.


Jehu had the basic qualities that could have made him a great success … He came close to being God’s kind of king, but he recklessly went beyond God’s commands and failed to continue the obedient actions that began his reign.  Within sight of victory, he settled for mediocrity … One thing to make sure this doesn’t happen is to ask God to place you under His control.  With His presence in your life, your natural strengths and abilities will be used to their greatest potential for the greatest good.


Jehu was a man with big ideas but little spiritual resolve.  His kingdom moved with excitement, but its destination was unclear … He did not follow God with all of his heart.  He had become God’s instrument for carrying out justice, but he had not become God’s committed servantTo obey with all your heart means to give yourself fully to God — first in devotion to Him and then to His service.

So many lessons to learn from the past — lessons that very much apply to our present.

May we each be resolved today to change where we need to, to obey completely, to rest in God’s promises, and to seek God’s counsel before anything else.

2 thoughts on “Lessons From Ancient History

  1. Jehu did big things for God, including ordering the execution of Jezebel. But he did indeed flame out in the end. It just shows we can never allow ourselves to get puffed up with pride on great success, otherwise you will fall.

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