Don’t Despair

Beth taking off from Barbury Castle


I hear it… the voices of fear, despair…  I see them in the comments on Facebook, in news feeds.

There is a lot that we can focus on that could get us pretty discouraged.  That focus can cause us to merely go through the motions of living when all we are doing is despairing.

Our present circumstances are similar in many ways to what generations gone before us have experienced.  History has a way of repeating itself… probably because humanity, in general, tends to repeat itself in the choices that are made.

Specific challenges may be unique; yet, the heart of the issues we face today are still the same as generations faced in the past.

Not only is the nature of the challenges we face today still the same, but so is the answer. 

Just because our personal circumstances or even national or worldwide circumstances may appear more grim does not mean that God has been taken by surprise and doesn’t have an answer.

None of what we face today is shocking to God.  None of it has left God in despair.

Despair comes from one who is looking to things, people. laws, circumstances for hope. 

Despair comes from a root of fear.

While reading through my devotions today, I came across the following quotes.  They are simple but profound:

“Most people have felt like giving up at one time or another: in a relationship, during an overwhelming task at home, school or work; or during a persistent illness.  But like Jeremiah, we are called not to despair but to endure.  Instead of focusing your thoughts, prayers, and energy on getting out of a problem, you can draw on God’s resources to get through it.  God’s love enabled Jeremiah to bear the worst humiliation; it can see you through your problems too.  Make endurance your theme throughout your trials today.”  — taken from Men & Women of the Bible

Our hope comes from the Lord!  As situations around us become more discouraging, the opposite is also true: God’s Word and His promises and His truth become more promising and encouraging!

As circumstances around us look more frightening, the opposite is also true: our faith can become stronger.

As people disappoint us, the opposite is also true: God’s faithfulness and unfailing love support us.

As sin and error prevails, God’s truth triumphs still.

The end has not been written.

Friends of our family recently lost their house to a fire last week; yet, they rejoice that they are safe.  They rejoice that their “true treasures” are not in this world.

Two women in their 40’s that I know are fighting cancer; yet, they are able to persevere because they know that God is the One Who knows the story of their lives.  He writes the foreword/introductory, He writes the conclusion, and He writes the chapters in between.  God isn’t finished!

The story is finished when God finishes it.

The truth always trumps the lie.  Light always trumps darkness.  Love always trumps hate.  Righteousness always trumps sin.  Faith always trumps fear.

Don’t despair.  God is not clueless.  God is not perplexed.  God is not discouraged.  And neither should we be, if He is our God.

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