Forgiveness — A Powerful Key To Healing

  • Forgiveness is one of the most crucial elements to walking in true freedom — the spiritual and soul kind of freedom.

“Forgiving others positions your soul to receive the peace and freedom that Jesus purchased for you by suffering in your place.” (Think Differently, Live Differently)

  • Forgiveness is a powerful component of our spiritual, physical, and soul (mind, will, and emotions) healing.  

  • Forgiveness is a gift that allows us to heal.  From Think Differently, Live Differently by Bob Hamp:

Forgiveness is not a hoop we jump through to make a mad God happy.  Instead, it is a gift that allows us to heal from wounds caused by the behavior of others and to remain true to God’s nature within us.  [His Holy Spirit and the new life we have as His child] in the face of the most horrendous of evils.  A few false beliefs about forgiveness may keep people from receiving this most healing of gifts.”

  • Forgiveness opens the door for God to heal the roots of pain and fear that have maintained our anger. 

(From Think Differently, Live Differently:)  “Until this restoration process begins, the best we can hope for is to swallow our anger, our pain, and our fear.

we cannot experience healing while we still cling to the source of our pain.

When our will makes the the choice, our soul can access God’s supernatural power to forgive.”


  • Forgiveness enables the individual to actively engage in true living.

    One can go through the motions of living: eating, sleeping, working, and other bodily functions; but when unresolved wounds are left to fester, they hinder the individual’s ability to heal and thus truly connect the individual’s means of true life and being (God’s Spirit to heal our spirit to heal our souls and bodies).

  • Forgiveness takes responsibility for what we do with the sin of the offender — not for the sin itself.

In Think Differently, Live Differently, it says:

As long as we are holding on to anger toward another, they own real estate in our mind.  The more intense the conflict, and the longer the duration, the more acreage they own.

In maintaining resentments, you have given significant parts of your mind over to others, so you will have difficulty controlling your thoughts until you make the difficult choice to forgive.

  • Forgiveness turns the offender over to God for correction/justice. 

In Think Differently, Live Differently, it says:

“Before they sinned against you, they sinned against God.”

  • Forgiveness is a decision of the mind but also involves the release of emotions from the heart. 

    In order to forgive and heal,  it is important to acknowledge the hurt and pain that the offense caused.  Repressing emotions is ignoring a problem that won’t go away until we deal with the problem.  Forgiveness is releasing those emotions to God — every, very real one of them. 

“Forgiveness is not a rigid, uncompassionate demand from a God who does not understand.  It is His gift, allowing us to continue to love and maintain a soft heart in the face of real pain and evil.” (Think Differently, Live Differently)


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