Remembering Yesterday… Today

Yesterday, I held that sweet bundle of plump adorable “babyness” and marveled that I had a son.

Yesterday, I watched that same son kick the ball into the net that scored the winning goal.

Yesterday, I saw that same son bravely stifle cries while the doctor wrapped my son’s broken wrist in a cast (from a bike accident).

Yesterday, I saw the tears that made muddy tracks down my son’s cheeks as he cradled a bird with a broken wing in his hands.

Yesterday, I was so proud of my son when I heard how he had defended a girl who was mocked in school for her curly hair, glasses, braces, and plumper form.

Yesterday, I saw the grin on my son’s face as he haltingly told me that he thinks he’s going to marry the girl with the curly hair.

Yesterday, I tried to hold back my own tears as I watched my son stride across the platform to give the class valedictorian speech and then to accept his diploma from highschool.

Yesterday, I could hardly take a breath as the strong arms of my son wrapped me in a big hug and told me to pray for him as he left for Marine boot-camp.

Yesterday, my son came for a visit, dressed in the proud colors of his military uniform.  He left that holiday visit, leaving behind an adoring fiancee with a diamond ring, glistening on her finger.

Yesterday, I got the news that my son was being stationed overseas in one of the most dangerous areas possible.

Yesterday, life as I knew it ended, and I forgot how to breath.

Yesterday, I received the news that my son had been killed in action, while rescuing a young boy trapped in a bombed house.

Today, I bury my son…

Yesterday, I was the little girl, wearing her chic sailor dress with shiny patent leather shoes, jumping into the arms of my tall, handsome father.  He twirled me in his arms while my curls, pulled back in bows, bounced in the breeze.

Yesterday, I choked back sobs as I waved good bye to my father as he headed off to leave for a distant place, called “Germany.”  My mother’s face looked white as she bravely waved good bye.

Yesterday, my mommy and I read the letter that Daddy wrote when he was on the ship heading to Germany.  He said that tomorrow they’ll come ashore on the Normandy Beach.  He hopes they’ll end the war soon so he can come home again.

Yesterday, we heard the good news that the Allies are defeating the Germans.

Yesterday, a soldier came to our door with a telegram.  My Momma shut the door so I wouldn’t hear the conversation.

Yesterday, my grandma came over.  She seemed extra sad as she opened her arms and my mother ran into them and began to cry.

Yesterday, Momma told me that my Daddy was a hero.  She told me that he fought bravely to protect our country and to rid this world of evil and that he gave his life for our protection.  She told me that Daddy is now with Jesus.

Yesterday, I couldn’t sleep.  I lay on my pillow most of the night and held the doll my daddy gave me last Christmas and smelled his favorite work-hat that I hugged in my arms.

Yesterday, there were a lot of people at my house, bringing food and flowers.

Yesterday, I watched the flag-draped casket being lowered into the large hole in the ground, and I knew that Daddy wasn’t ever coming home again.

That was “yesterday”…

Today, I remember my Daddy, waving good bye as he boarded the train, never to return home again.

Today, I say good bye to my son, never to see him in this life again.

Today, I remember yesterday… with all of its many precious memories.

And some tomorrow, I look forward to being reunited in Heaven with two very special people and with the One Who loves us most of all, Jesus!

Today, I say “thank you” to all of those brave men and women who sacrificed their lives so that we can be the home of the free…

Today, I say “thank you” to all of those sons and daughters, wives, mothers, sisters, and brothers who said final “good byes” to loved ones in order that we might enjoy the liberties we hold dear.

Thank you.

(This is a story, written in honor of all our military personnel, their families, and loved ones.)