Thinking Of The Victims…

I recently wrote a blog, addressing the recent Josh Duggar sex scandal.  I wrote it to those of us who are tempted to condemn the Duggars, but it was not written to the victims.

Challenging us to examine our own hearts in relation to how we view the Duggars does not mean that there is no appropriate place for justice and for accountability.

  • Grace understands that forgiveness does not excuse or justify sin.
  • Grace does not minimize the pain and wounds of the victims nor does it shove a message of “easy forgiveness” down their throats.
  • Grace embraces the wounded and allows healing to occur in the process it requires.
  • Grace comes to sinners at a huge price!  Jesus’ horrific death on the cross grants forgiveness to all, but the sinner must first repent and accept that forgiveness in order to walk in it. 
  • Grace does not negate all consequences of sin.
  • Grace sees the ugliness of sin and deals truthfully with it.
  • Grace allows the victim(s) to fully acknowledge the wrongs committed against themselves so that they can eventually see themselves as no longer “the abused” but as the free, the pure, and the beautiful!

One cannot fully get past the past, until the wrongs from the past are considered and acknowledged.

Praying for all the victims…