When We All Need To Feel Victorious

Meribel-Mottaret ski resort, French Alps, France


I recently read the chapter on “Jehovah Nissi” in the book, The Names Of God, by Marilyn HIckey.  This name means “The Lord, My Banner of Victory.”

I absolutely loved this section because it was exactly what I needed to believe.  A few weeks ago, I had recently experienced one of those mountain-top experiences that left me experiencing new “freedom” in my spiritual walk and greater peace and joy.

Then after days and weeks, my old nature and the lies began to increase in volume to my ears.  It’s not that they actually had increased, but I began to “hear” them “louder.”  (See blog post, https://graceinthemoment.wordpress.com/2015/05/18/the-second-part-of-my-testimony-the-second-most-incredible-experience-of-my-life.)

Being aware of this struggle, I knew that I was called to “slow down”, if that’s possible, in my outside activities and to saturate myself in God’s Word, prayer time, godly music, and reading excellent devotionals.

So began my reading of the chapter on “Jehovah Nissi.”

In the following paragraphs are direct quotes:

“When you look at your image in Christ Jesus, you must look only at the image that is victorious! I don’t know what your weaknesses are, but I know that Jesus can overcome them to make you a victor and a conqueror.  God’s Word says that Jesus always causes us to triumph in Him.  (See II Cor. 2:14).  You must see yourself as being only in Him!  Without Him, you can do nothing; but with Him, all things are possible.

…After the Lord gave the Israelites manna, they traveled on to a place called Rephidim.  At Rephidim, there was no water at all, and the people thirsted terribly … The people said, ‘Is the Lord among us or not?’

The Lord certainly was among them.  He told Moses to strike a rock in the land of Horeb (which means ‘fresh inspiration’), and it brought forth enough water to quench the multitude’s thirst.

The New Testament tells us that the Rock that provided water in the wilderness represented Christ. (See I Cor. 10:4.)

… Generations after this incident at Rephidim,… King Saul was commissioned to wipe the Amalekites off the face of the earth.  But King Saul’s greed got the best of him, and he disobeyed God.  It is interesting to note that, in the end, an Amalekite killed Saul. Why?  Because he spared what he should not have spared. What the devil tries to put in your life must be conquered and destroyed.  If you don’t kill it, it may return and kill you.

…The word for banner actually means a ‘glistening pole or ensign, a standard, or a miracle.’  The banner or ‘standard’ represented God’s cause.  It was a symbol of His deliverance and mighty salvation that caused His people to be victorious over their enemies.

Jehovah Nissi is the Lord — Israel’s banner and your banner, Israel’s victory and your victory.  Who is Jehovah Nissi He is ‘the Lord our Victory’!

...As long as you say, ‘God is the victorious One in my life,’ you will be on top of your circumstances.  But when you drop your hands and say, ‘I’m defeated; the devil has me down,’ you can count on defeat.  Focus your eyes on the Lord, Jehovah Nissi, and keep your hands up in the air, holding His victorious standard high!”

In the blog post, https://graceinthemoment.wordpress.com/2015/05/15/walking-on-water-or-sinking-sanctified-or-small-minded, this truth of keeping our eyes on Jesus is what Peter had to learn when walking on water.  It’s what you and I have to learn as well so that we too can walk in the victorious “image” that we have in Christ.

In the chapter on Jehovah Nissi, the author says the following truths in relation to why we are victorious and how we are victorious.  She says:

“God did not tell you to fight in your own armor. He gave you His armor.  And if you’ll wear it and stand in it, He will bring you to victory. He’s the Lord, your Banner … Righteous Jehovah hates sin.  If you will hold high His standard of victory, sin will not overtake you.

…Because you are standing tall in the armor of Jehovah Nissi, your Victor and Champion, Jesus did not promise you, ‘Well, now that I’ve taken the victory, it’s going to be a piece of cake for you.’ You have to stand.  But if you stand, He did promise that not even the gates of hell itself could prevail against you!  He has made you a victor in Himself!

…To wear His armor, you cannot lean on your own understanding; you have to learn on His Word!

…God says, ‘You’re not a loser!  I am Jehovah Nissi — your Banner, Miracle, and Victory — who makes you a winner.’  That’s why are you are fighting a good fight of faith.  It’s good because you win in the Lord!

…When you allow that strength within you to flow by relying on Him as your Banner, then you will overcome.”

When reading the story of Moses sending the twelves spies to check out the Promised Land, I never really “saw” the story for it’s powerful message on victory.  In the chapter on “Jehovah Nissi,” it says:

“Joshua and Caleb both discovered God to be their Jehovah Nissi.  …When all of the men returned, the report of those two men was wonderful: ‘We can take the Promised Land!  We can do it!’ (See Numbers 13:30.)

But the other men said, ‘There is no way that we’ll take the land!  There are giants there, and the walls reach to the sky.  Those giants would eat us like meat!’

…Those other ten spies had the wrong self-image.  They saw themselves as defeated ones, not victorious ones.  They did not see their miracle-working God or His promises.  They could only see giants.  Joshua and Caleb saw their own true images in God.  They said, ‘We are already victorious because of Jehovah Nissi, our powerful, almighty God’!”

In a blog post from a few years ago, the story of David and Goliath so wonderfully encourages our hearts with the truth that we can’t look at the size of our “giants”, we have to look at the “size” of our God. 

(See https://graceinthemoment.wordpress.com/2013/02/06/how-to-face-your-biggest-obstacle.)

In Marilyn Hickey’s book, I found her statement, “Many people plan to fail” so gripping.

How many times do we come from an experience of victory, and then begin to accept the lie, “You fell in that area so just give it time, and you are going to fail again.”  We hear the “truth” part that we did fall before.  The lie part is that just because we failed in that area before means that we will fail again, need to fail again, will fail again, and are a failure.

I love this truth in the chapter on “Jehovah NIssi”:

“God did not say that you can triumph only in a few situations.  He said that, in Him, you’re always a victorious one!  You are supposed to conquer because Jesus is a Conqueror!

…Jesus took all of your sins upon Himself, and He gave you His righteousness.  I like this comparison: when a lamb dies, the shepherd removes the lamb’s skin and places it on an orphaned lamb.  The mother lamb, who lost her baby, smells her baby’s skin on the orphaned lamb.  Because the skin is draped over him, she’ll adopt and raise that baby as her own.

It is the same way with Jesus’ righteousness.  When He died, He clothed you with the robe of His own right standing with God Almighty.  It’s a garment that smells like Jesus!  When the Father looks at your, what does He see?  He sees you, clothed in Jesus!

...Don’t ever see yourself as defeated; see the devil as defeated.”

How wonderful it is to know that because Jehovah Nissi is our God, we are victorious in Him!  We are over-comers because He overcame.

How do you see yourself?  As “stuck” with your old sin nature?  Or as redeemed and given a new nature — a victorious image as His son or daughter?