Sanctified And Walking On Water

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As Christians, we can experience those amazing “mountain top experiences” — those times when God has brought us major healing and freedom in areas.  Right afterwards, we experience such serenity of soul and such an awareness of the outpouring of God’s Spirit.

Our worship immediately following is so heart-felt and beautiful because it comes from a broken heart that has been healed.  (There is no sweeter worship than that which comes from hearts that have recognized their brokenness and have found healing!)

Then, perhaps within hours, days, or weeks, the lies aren’t just heard but we begin to receive themto respond in the old patterns of the flesh, if we aren’t careful.  This can happen through physical exhaustion, when it is easy for our awareness to diminish.  This can happen if we don’t stay “plugged in” to God’s Word, saturating our souls with His Truth so that it can “sanctify” (purify and “set us apart”). 

As soon as we believe the lie, our “knowing” (the way we perceive the truth) is changed.  That is why, two people can read the exact same thing and can see or understand two different things.  That’s why a person can totally “hear” something completely different than what you actually said.  Their way of “knowing” is different than yours.

The way we “know” things is crucial because it determines whether or not we comprehend, receive, and correctly understand the truth.

If we try to “know” things with our fleshly, unsanctified souls, we will not “know” the truth that God is trying to speak to us.

Our souls are our mind, will, and emotions.  In their natural, “unsanctified” form, our souls are unable to truly hear and receive the truth.

It takes God’s Spirit to “quicken” (in Biblical terms) or to “make alive”, transform, renew, redeem our spirits first and then to begin the process of sanctifying and renewing our souls.  It is the sanctifying or renewing of our souls that is what God desires and is doing in our lives as His children.

Once we begin to accept the old lies again, which is easy to do, we begin to fall back into the same bondage we were in before.

The danger is very real!  The lie is often so close to the truth that it is difficult to discern.  The lie often always uses some truth mixed with error so that we hear the “truth” part and don’t recognize the error that has been added.  This additional error or misapplication of a truthful statement brings about a wrong conclusion and is therefore still wrong — a lie.

For example, when Satan tempted Jesus in the wilderness, Satan came when Jesus was physically at his lowest.  Jesus had been fasting for 40 days in the wilderness.  He was physically depleted of his reserves and mental and emotional capabilities  Satan then quotes Bible verses to Jesus to tempt Jesus.  Satan takes “truthful” statements but misapplies them.  Jesus, being the Son of God, immediately recognized and rebuked the lies.

This is why, the Bible says (taken from BibleGateway) :

2 Corinthians 10:5New King James Version (NKJV)

casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ,

We have to be on guard all the time.  Just because we have come out of a major experience of spiritual healing doesn’t mean, Satan is going to leave us alone.  He will try to get us through different approaches to return to our old bondage.  If that doesn’t work, he will attempt to pull us into bondage in other areas.  This is something we should NOT fear, or we are giving Satan too much credit.  As the Bible says,

1 John 4:4King James Version (KJV)

Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.

The first few moments, days, and weeks following a “mountain-top” experience can be just like what Peter experienced when he began to walk on water towards Jesus.  Jesus had told Peter to get out of the boat.  Peter did and began to walk on water towards Jesus.  What an incredible experience!

Yet, within minutes, Peter began to notice the wind and waves around him.  As soon as Peter took his eyes off Jesus and began to focus on the wind and waves, Peter began to sink.

Nothing in Peter’s circumstances had changed.  Only Peter’s perspective had changed.

So often when temptations come (the wind and waves), we begin to focus on the fear of “sinking”.  The more we focus on the fear of sinking back into the old patterns, the very thing we fear becomes true: we begin to sink.

The more we focus on the problem, the more we focus on the problem (Think about that one.)

Instead, we need to get our eyes off the problem.  (Yes, acknowledge the problem but only so you can find the solution/help you need.)  If Satan can keep us focusing on the problem, he’ll keep us stuck in the problem, drowning in it. 

Instead, we need to focus on the solution. 

Instead, if we look up and look to the One Who told us to step out of the boat (our old ways) and into freedom with Him, we will be back to what got us the freedom in the first place: Jesus!

Jesus is our Solution!  Jesus is the One alone Who has the power to heal, to restore, to redeem, to sanctify, to give peace.  When our eyes are on Him, we become “immune” to the wind and waves around us.

Our circumstances haven’t necessarily changed, but our souls (our ability to perceive) change.

May we continue to walk in freedom and into greater freedom by keeping our eyes on Jehovah M’ Kaddesh, the God Who sanctifies.