The Girl With The Teal Scarf


It was one of those unforgettable moments when I first really met her.

She was wearing a beautiful scarf, knotted over her black wool coat.  The scarf stood out because it was the exact color of scarf I had been searching to buy to wear on an upcoming trip.  The scarf was a beautiful blue with a hint of green in it.

She looked so beautiful, standing in line, waiting for her son to be dismissed from preschool.  Her infant daughter was nestled in an infant carrier next to her beautiful mother.

The first thing I always noticed about this woman was her beautiful blond hair, always perfectly styled.  The other thing I always noticed was her unusual eyes.  They are this rare color of what one might describe as a mix between aqua and mint.  Gorgeous!  They are deep-set, expressive, beautiful!

She is one of those women who has a rare talent of always looking beautiful no matter what she wears.  I have never, ever seen her look anything other than amazingly beautiful.  Her hair, make-up, clothing, and accessories are always tasteful and attractive.

Even more rare though is the manner with which she greets people.

I remember standing in line with all of those other mommies, waiting to greet our preschoolers.  Some of us would chat a little, but for the most part, there was this “protective barrier” that seemed to be separating a lot of us.  Few were willing to bridge the “walls” and experience the rebuff.

There she was.  I saw her that day, wearing her scarf which matched her eyes so beautifully.  She was tall, beautiful, and so friendly.  It could be intimidating for the rest of us who saw ourselves as the “plain-Janes”.  Surely, she would be just like all of the other “popular” kind: mean, self-centered, and contemptuous.  But she wasn’t.

As I verbally expressed my admiration for her scarf, I asked her, “Where did you get your scarf?  I have been looking everywhere for one like that.”

To my amazement, she unwound her scarf and then handed it to me.  “Here, you take it.”  I was flabbergasted!  I wasn’t sure at first how to respond and then realized that a gracious answer, expressing gratefulness was the best.

From that moment on began the start of a friendship that continues now.  It is a friendship that has been a blessing in so many ways.

Her unforgettable act of kindness those years ago represent the heart of this woman: a rare gift in building others up, in encouraging others when they are struggling, in giving generously without expecting anything in return.

In this rare “jewel” among women, I have found one of the sweetest gifts of all: the rare gift of a friendship that is built upon respect, a mutual love for Jesus, showing grace, and the ability to encourage and challenge each other in the Lord.  This is indeed a rare and treasured gift!

As this amazing woman prepares to celebrate a milestone birthday, I am so thankful for the day I first saw the girl with the teal scarf!


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