Seasons Changing



My mornings are quieter these days, following the mad rush of getting three children up, dressed, fed, and lunch boxes in their backpacks for the start of another school day.  Today’s our boys’ third day of school.  So far, they are enjoying it and doing well.

Me?  I have mixed feelings.  I am glad they are doing well and learning a lot.  I am also enjoying more one-on-one time with Olivia.  Yet, I do miss my boys and miss those earlier years when school wasn’t a current concern and each day was about just playing and learning together.  Growing sometimes also means letting go.  That’s hard to do!

I am still amazed that our summer is really over — at least our summer schedule!  No more days spent playing for hours outside, collecting bugs.  No more mornings spent at parks or days of swimming.  And no more thinking of more fun events that have ended with summer, or I will be bringing out the tissues.

I do love fall — the weather that forces us to get cozy.  The colorful foliage, the apple cider, the blue skies, and crisp jacket days — so much to love about fall.  I don’t miss summer’s humidity, which is still with us.  I do though miss those care-free days of summer, when the kids can spend hours outside, doing nothing except imaginative child play. 

Seasons.  This life is about seasons.  Weather changes.  Children grow.  More gray hairs and wrinkles appear.  We feel the changes in our bodies, hinting that this “season” of life too shall change.  Suddenly, the advice to live in the present because these days of demanding little ones will soon pass seems very true. 

Little arms that used to beg to be held and little mouths with generous kisses soon will pass.  In another decade, more or less, we will soon be fighting the tears that threaten to spill as we wave good bye to college-bound youth.  There is beauty in each season, but the seasons of life, unlike the weather, don’t repeat themselves.  

A few lines from the song, “Cherish the Moment” come to mind.  We truly need to cherish these moments.  There is no rewind button to life.  

As I contemplate the closing of another season, may today bring no regrets.  May you and I live each day in the present, fully engaged with our little ones. 

2 thoughts on “Seasons Changing

  1. Now I’m all contemplative too! So bittersweet, our kids growing up! Yes, I definitely want to live every day with no regrets. It’s a hard thing to do sometimes. I think you do a fantastic job of squeezing every drop of fun out of summer, and just life with your kids in general!

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