Why You Can Be Cinderella Even Without A Prince Charming


Girl-friends, let’s be honest.  Most of us have had dreams of meeting Prince Charming.  It’s amusing, considering that Prince Charming only exists in fairy tales — yeah, FAIRY TALES! 

How come then does my friend seem to be married to Mr. Perfect?  He’s knock-dead gorgeous.  He’s smart.  He has a good job.  They have a gorgeous house.  They go on romantic dates.  He’s a fun dad.  He’s romantic.  He seems sincere in his walk with the Lord.  Sometimes, the “grass does look greener on the other side of the fence.” 

Most of us love our husbands.  In fact, we would say our husbands are good, kind men.  They do romantic things — didn’t say how often…  They are pretty good looking … most of the time.  But, they do sweat…

Would Prince Charming sweat?  I mean did he ever forget an important date or leave Cinderella to take out the trash.  Wait!  They were royalty.  No work there.

Why do we long for Prince Charming?  Why do we envision fairy tale weddings and fairy tale lives?  For what are we really longing?

Is it because having a Prince Charming somehow makes us the Cinderella?  Do we think we only become “princesses” when we marry a prince? 

What if we could and can be Cinderella without having a Prince Charming?

What if we understood that our Heavenly Father created us to be His “princesses”? 

What if we understood that no matter our circumstances and the people in our lives, we can still be “Cinderellas”? 

What if we understood being a “princess” isn’t about finding a Prince Charming or living in a palace? 

What if we understood being a princess is simply all about “being” — living like royalty because we are.  Yes, you and I…  We are ROYALTY! 

We are princesses because that’s what God thinks of us.  We are daughters of the Heavenly King!  He made us to live amazing lives — lives full of His peace, love, joy, kindness…! 

You and I…  We don’t need to wait for the perfect Prince Charming or for some very futuristic time when our husbands suddenly will become “fairy tale-ish”.  Nope.

God hasn’t placed us in imperfect homes or with imperfect people to try us or to punish us.  He’s placed us where we are to reveal and work within us the transformation of becoming true “royalty” in the way we conduct ourselves, within the very fiber of our being. 

We are becoming “Cinderellas” within — daughters who live and act like their Heavenly Father, the Heavenly King!



2 thoughts on “Why You Can Be Cinderella Even Without A Prince Charming

  1. patchofheaven

    I think this is one of your best posts, Amy! I think it touches on the truth that what we tell ourselves we come to believe. If we keep listening to Jesus’ voice, telling us that we *are* His princess, His Cinderella, we will believe it.

    Also, I do think that a good majority of women don’t have their Prince Charming because they don’t believe it. Don’t believe in their men. I think if more women told themselves that they *are* married to a romantic, “perfect” man, and focus on the sweet, godly things their man does, their heart will follow. They will soon see themselves as this earthly, day-to-day Cinderella too! I realize there are some real jerks out there, but there are a lot of men just waiting for their wives to believe in their strength/romance/leadership, and to coax it out of them with praise and unconditional love. I think all men are born with the desire to be Prince Charming, and God and their women can empower them to be that man.

    1. Ruth, I so agree! I actually thought of touching more on how we bring out the Prince Charming in our men, but for some reason stopped with the perspective of being “Cinderella.” Thanks for your encouragement! P.S. I loved your thoughts! I miss you!

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