These Happy Golden Days of Summer


It’s almost August now, which means the month when school starts back up again for my kids.  There’s a lot of sadness in that thought for me because I have so enjoyed these golden days of summer!  I just love having the time to sit around and play games with my kids, and we’ve done lots of that!  It’s exhilarating to join my kids on the swings or slides at parks.


These happy golden days of summer are something that I want to hang onto a bit longer.  To cherish them.  To run through a few more sprinkles with my kids.  To watch bare feet run across the lawn a few more times.  To sit down with a book and read to my kids.  To play a few more games of Chess with my boys.



I could do without the fighting and bad attitudes that also come with a family of siblings and sin natures.  Kids come with the whole package though.  In spite of the fact that some days I would appreciate some quiet hours to myself, I wouldn’t trade these days with my kids.

The kids and I have made so many memories this summer, visiting with friends, playing at parks, enjoying swimming lessons, and just hanging out at the house.

It’s been a hot summer, and tempers have been hot at times too.  Yet, being a family means we love each other in spite of our faults.  We remind each other how to behave, and we don’t keep a record of past shortcomings.  Families are where we learn to forgive willingly.  Families are real.  Thankfully, grace is real too!

As the last month of our “free” summer months dawns, I can treasure memories of these happy golden days of summer.

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