Celebrating A Decade!


Exactly one month ago, my husband and I celebrated our 10th anniversary — a decade of being married!

We celebrated our anniversary with an elegant dinner to a local inn.  The drive there was gorgeous!  The inn is situated right along a wide river.

Our dinner was amazing!  The cuisine superb!

As we were getting ready to depart for home to relieve our babysitter, my husband drew my attention to a breathtaking sight.  Candle light from the inn reflected on the hazy blue of the river, while millions of fireflies danced their own sparkly tune.  It was an incredibly romantic and beautiful sight.  We stood, holding hands, gazing at the riveting sight.

Marriage to my Man has been all and more than I had hoped!  As my Man said, “My only anniversary wish is another year with you!”

We recently watched a movie about a couple where the woman died from cancer.  My husband and I were both moved to tears.  As we lay in bed with arms around each other that night, I felt the wetness on his cheeks and asked him the reason.  My man’s response was, “Because I can’t imagine life without you and want many more years with you.”  Me too.  Me too, honey.

Recently, my man did something that still brings me joy.  He went shopping with a friend of his to buy outfits for their wives.  They went to The Loft and bought entire outfits, accessories included for their wives.  They then planned a date to take their wives on a double-date when the wives could wear their new outfits.  I absolutely loved this!  The outfit is delightful, but better yet was the sweet thought!  Later I learned that my husband had used his birthday money that he had saved over the years to buy my outfit.  His sweet thoughtfulness doesn’t end!  I am so blessed!

The past decade has seen its tragedies and triumphs, its frustrations and fun, its pain and pleasure, its burdens and blessings.  Yet, I can honestly say that I am so thankful for my husband of a decade and hope we have many more decades together!

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