My Baby Is Not Much Of A Baby Anymore!


This past Monday, Olivia turned one! I say that with feelings of joy but also of reluctance. I love the baby stage!  I can’t believe that the first year of her life is already over. It saddens me.  I just want to savor her baby hands, feet, kisses, babbles … every little part of her sweetness.  I have loved nursing her, loved feeling her little body curled against mine as we have shared the closeness that comes with nursing.

I still remember her birth, the wonder of it all. I have loved those moments, right after bringing our babies into the world, feeling the euphoria of having suffered and yet overcome in delivering our babies.  I have loved the amazing joy that comes when you hold those precious little ones in your arms for the first time!

Why is it that society seems to think that your first child is loved more than your others and that we can’t love “many” children as much as a few?  I so disagree!  My fourth has not been any less special than my first.  If anything, I savor it even more, knowing it could be our last.

Some days, I wish I had a flashing screen in my house that would remind me that these days are transient at best, to hold onto them, to not take my little ones for granted.  Instead, I often feel harried and disgruntled by some infraction or inconvenience.

I am learning, trying to learn.  This summer, my goal is to make lots of good memories with my kids.  We have been playing lots of games together and spending one-on-one time together.  The kids love that — the special one-on-one attention. Yesterday, I swung on the swings with Drew and pulled him around in a wagon.  I have played Chess with Will, Drew, and Luke.  I have played “Memory” with Drew.  Each boy has read to me.  We have cuddled together, planted a garden together, trimmed bushes together, and run around at a park together. Yes, there aren’t too many things more important than spending time together as a family. I am so thankful!  I am so blessed … so very, very blessed!


Here’s Will reading on how to train a dog. He took notes and then practiced some of the tips on his aunt’s dog.


The first picture is of Nana and my kids.  The second one is of my sweet husband and I.Image

Luke enjoying some of our summer fun.Image

Beauty can be seen even in the thorns.  ImageImageImage

Laughs with L-Son Continues

We are half-way through June, and the weeks are flying way too fast.  I am trying to hold onto them, but some days it feels like I am flying the kite of life in a hurricane rather than a gentle breeze.

Speaking of gentle breezes, this past week has been absolutely perfect.  I’ve enjoyed gardening, swinging with the boys, going to a park, relaxing on our hammock, and playing games with the boys.  I wish we had this type of weather all summer or even year.  🙂

Before June is over and I haven’t written a blog, I thought that I would at least share a couple of funnies from our L-Son.

Yesterday evening as I was playing “Memory” with the boys, L-Son kept getting lots of matches.  In response to my telling him that he was doing very well, L-Son said, “I must have my thinking caps on.”

Today L-Son had a little cut on his toe.  He asked me to bandage it.  Prior to cleaning it with Peroxide and putting a Mickey Mouse bandage on it, he asked me if it was going to hurt.  I replied, “Not too much.”  L’s response: “That means it will hurt.” Laughing I told him that he was very smart.

As the Hubs was tucking L-Son in for the night, he saw that L-Son was basically asleep.  Hubs gently called L’s name and asked him if he was awake.  L-Son replied, “If I am talking, I am awake.”

Yes, he is one smart boy. 🙂