O’s One Year Stats.

How is it possible that Olivia has grown so fast?!  I can’t believe that we just celebrated her first birthday! (I will be writing more later on that.)

The following are her growth stats.:

Olivia: 30 ins.; 20 pounds 4.5 ozs.; 18 1/4 ins. head circumference

The rest of the family at the same age (1 year):

Luke: 30 ins.; 25 pounds; 19 ins. head

Drew: 30 1/2 ins.; 21 pounds; almost 19 ins. head

Will: 30 ins.; 22 pounds 12 ozs.; 48 cms. head

Mommy: 29 ins.; 19 pounds 14 ozs.; 18 1/8 ins. head

Daddy: 30 1/2 ins.; 22 pounds 4 ozs.; 18 3/4 ins. head

We are all fairly close in size at this age.  Mommy was the smallest.  Daddy and Drew were the longest at this age.  Luke weighed the most.  🙂

I am still guessing that Olivia will be a little taller than Mommy once she reaches adulthood.

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