Girlie With Grit

Who says a girl can’t be girlie and still have grit? 

I like my heels and my boots. 

I like my flowers and my jeans. 


I like getting down in the dirt, and I like taking a shower afterwards. 

I bring tad-poles home for my boys, and I teach them how to wear ties for church.

Yes, I really do have tad-poles in a bucket in my house.





I like boys who can imagine that they’re David fighting Goliath, brandishing sticks and garbage can lids as shields.  I also like boys who say “Please” and “Thank you!” and who know how to pick flowers for their Momma!



I like reading a book to “chill”, but I also can shovel 17 wheelbarrows of mulch in one day while five months pregnant!

I like getting a pedicure before giving birth, but I also can endure Pitocin and deliver a baby sans pain-killers or meds.!

I like wearing girlie colors and dressing up, but I am not afraid of sweats and my husband’s T-shirts when I have a painting job to do.


I am not afraid to plant a garden while 9 months pregnant and in 90+ degree weather, but I love my A/C too.

I am not afraid or ashamed to be girlie and to have grit too!  I believe that God designed women to enjoy beautiful things, to be sweet and gentle.  I also think He designed women to have grit, creativity, perseverance, and fortitude too.  I think it’s okay to have the “girlie” with the grit.  I am thankful that God designed me the way He did!


2 thoughts on “Girlie With Grit

  1. patchofheaven

    Haha! Well, you know I’m not the girly type, but I DO want to find the perfect dress/cowboy boots outfit! I think it’s very classy/stylish/hot… probably because it combines tomboy with princess.

    1. graceinthemoment

      I have seen that look a lot. You can wear any floral girlie dress with a pair of cowboy boots. You’d look adorable!

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