What I Love!

I love babies who wave at bushes weaving in the breeze.


I love boys who whisper in my ear that I am the best mom ever.

I love boys who make up their own Easter egg hunt, while sharing their own toys, stickers, and money with each other.

I love sisters to laugh with and be silly with.

I love nieces to take shopping and enjoy girlie stuff with.


I love having a baby to cuddle in the night when she awakes screaming.

I love yellow tulips from my Secret Prayer Sister.

I love chocolate candy from her as well.

I love spring grass, so green!


I love sunny days and white fluffy clouds.

I love trees and bushes and plants decked in their most fragrant and colorful dresses for spring.

I love brothers who read to each other and wrap their arms around each other.

I love wet boy smooches.

I love warm, husband hugs.


I love boys who love to match me and each other in dress.

I love boys who beg to help me cook.


I love pudgy hands and thighs on my baby girl.

I love friends who visit and laugh with us over broken vacuum cleaners, clogged drains, and rabid raccoons, because life is too crazy to not laugh.

I love boys who bring me piles of carrots that they dug up from last year’s garden.

I love making soup from our carrots and very own onions.

I love even boys who yell and argue and kick — not because of bad behavior but because they remind me of God’s great grace to me.

I love dreams that are sad but make me awaken to realize how blessed I am to have a loving husband and four precious children!


I love that I am loved — loved beyond my wildest imagination from a God powerful and yet tender!

2 thoughts on “What I Love!

  1. patchofheaven

    My boys are into matching too! It’s so cute. I think the *best* feeling, as a mom, is watching my kids love each other.

    1. graceinthemoment

      So true! Then we know that somehow, by God’s grace, we have communicated what we are supposed to: a little of God’s love.

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