My Right-Hand Men

This past week, I have washed very few dishes, unloaded only a few dishes from the dishwasher, folded only a few items of laundry, set very few tables, and cleaned very few tables.  My little “right-hand” men have done it all!  It’s been great to see them unload my dishwasher, set the table, clear the table, fold laundry, and load the dishwasher.  For the most part, the attitudes have all been good too.

Before you think my kids are too angelic, let me say that we gave them extra chore lists since we have been struggling with a certain behavioral issue.  The chore lists were part of their punishment.  Until the jobs on their lists are all completed, there is no Wii or movies.  The boys haven’t seemed to miss the T.V. too much (movies and Wii), and my work is getting done a lot faster.  I kind of like this!  In fact, I like it so much, my husband and I decided that once their punishment lists are completed, we are going to assign them some more regular chores and then bonus chores.  The boys have to finish their regular chores before attempting the bonus chores.  They can then get paid a set amount for the bonus chores.  I want the boys to learn that we don’t get paid for everything and for serving one another.  But, I also want them to have opportunity to learn the value of work, to be able to earn money, and to be able to save.  I think they’ll really like the idea.  Now, we just need to get them past the punishment charts.  If not, my house is staying a little neater, and I am getting to bed a little earlier than previously.

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