Stat. Queen

I guess I must be a bit of a statistic fanatic because I like keeping tract of everyone’s heights and weights.  Here are the latest comparisons:

Four Year Statistics:

Luke — Height: 42 inches; Weight: 39.4 pounds

Drew — Height: 39 1/2 inches; Weight: 37.3 pounds (This is when Drew started to really fall behind in measurements.  Up to this point, he was always above average in size.)

Will — Height: 44 inches; Weight: 43 pounds (Definitely the largest as always!)

Daddy — Height: 39 3/4 inches; Weight: 33 1/2 pounds (My guess is Luke will be Daddy’s height or taller when grown.  Will is supposed to be a bit taller.  My guess is Drew will be a little shorter.)

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