Shaking Things Up A Bit

Sometimes, as a parent it seems like you are constantly saying the exact same things to your kids.  Things like reminding the kids to chew with their mouths closed, to say “please” and “thank you,” to not burp at the table, stuff like that…  The kids and the parents get tired of the same reminders.  So one recent meal, I decided to “shake things up a bit” by “turning the tables”.  We allowed the boys to have a “piggy night.”  We defined the boundaries and then told them to have fun, but that they would then have weeks of good manners before they would earn another “piggy night.”  The boys loved it!  They had fun not saying “please” and “thank you” and not asking to be excused.  They loved talking with food hanging from their mouths.  They loved eating with their hands.  They loved burping.  They had a grand old time.  I think my husband had the hardest time with it.  I was happy to hear that another mom did the same thing with her boys when they were little — a mom that has done a great job raising her kids!  Glad I wasn’t the only one who comes up with creative solutions to common problems!  🙂

The result: the boys were much happier to have better manners normally!  Sometimes, we have to be creative, add some humor, and remember that it’s okay to “think outside the box” sometimes!