Head Over Heels

I have been wanting to write for some time a letter to my husband.  I wrote one to the boys and one to Olivia so now it’s Jonathan’s turn.  (Some day, I want to write individual ones to each boy.)

Dear Husband of Mine,

(Maybe, I should have tried to write this when the boys aren’t running their cars all around my feet — just a little distracting.) There are a lot of things I want to say, some things I won’t say due to the appropriateness of the readers, but for now, I hope to express a little bit of my appreciation for you.

We are in our tenth year of marriage now!  Can’t believe it has gone so fast!  I still so clearly remember our gorgeous and amazing wedding day and honeymoon!  I still remember those blissful first months of marriage!  I remember some challenges — those “ripples on the pond” that new marriages work through.  As the years have passed, I can sincerely say that I love you way more today then I did then.  I find you more attractive and appealing on many levels than I did the day I said “I do”.

I remember the beautiful vows that you wrote and said to me on our wedding day.  They were exquisite and even more so today because you have truly lived out what you promised.

…Twelve days later, I return to attempt to finish this blog.  It’s not that I don’t have plenty to write.  I do.  I am just afraid that I will do the subject matter an injustice by not writing in a manner that is worthy of it.  Thus, the delay.  I also have five pleasant distractions running, babbling, or asking for me so…

Sweet husband of mine, this morning it meant so much to me when I returned from dropping the boys off for Christmas play practice to find that you had straightened everything in our bedroom and Drew’s room.  I was trying to rush back home so I could clean things up before I had to drag the roofers through our messy rooms.  Not only did you straighten, but you did such a great job that I could just sit down and nurse our baby.  Many wives would discreetly have to do a little more straightening after their husbands.  Nothing against men.  It’s just that women have their way of cleaning and men, their way.  You, though, do an amazing job that I could only find lots more reasons to praise you!

You serve me like that a lot.  I am blessed!  I know it too.  I feel sorry for those many women who married their dashingly and personable you men/lovers — only to find that those men are more concerned about enjoying their hobbies, working on their projects, and doing their own thing rather than helping their wives.

You not only serve me, but you also recognize me for the work I do.  Your praise means a lot to me!  Just last night, I was complaining how our floor needed to be mopped, but it was already so late and I wasn’t sure how I was going to do that yet too.  You gently said, “Knowing you and what a great job you do keeping after the house, I am sure the floor will get cleaned when it needs it.”  Yes, I know!  I am very blessed! (Your praise motivated me to mop the floor.  The floor thanks you.)

I love how you try to add humor to tense situations.  The other week as we were arriving at church and reminding the boys of proper church behavior, I loved how you then added, “No cows in church though boys.  Make sure you leave them in the car.”  The boys loved it, and we all entered church with smiles and giggles.

I admire how patient you are!  You are so careful to not discipline in anger.  Oh, you aren’t perfect, but you do an amazing job!  There are very few times that you respond to the children in anger.  I love how firm but patient you are.  If the boys become anything like you, their wives will be so grateful!

I appreciate how hard you work!  You travel many miles every day just to go to work.  You work every day without complaining just to provide for the family.  It’s not like your money even goes to all these exciting things — just to put food on the table and to pay bills.  To me though, it is exciting!  I have a smart, hard-working husband, and I am proud of you!  I am thankful you work hard and have a good job as a result.

I love how you aren’t afraid to get down and wrestle with the boys, to pretend you are a dinosaur and chase them around, to tenderly cuddle with our daughter, to brush my hair, give me back massages, and to wipe my tears.

I love how you write me sweet and silly notes that I find in creative places.  I love how you make me presents with your hands that speak of time, diligence, creativity, patience, and love.  I love how you ask me about my day and listen.  I love how you encourage me to grow in my walk with the Lord.  I love how you push yourself to do things that aren’t your natural bent because you want to grow.  I love how you don’t demand to get your own needs meet.  I love how you don’t complain when a meal turns out to be a flop.  I love how you enjoy things like holding hands and watching a sunset together.  I love how you tell me I am beautiful — even when I know I am a mess.  I love how you help me recover from giving birth to our babies — even the parts that are disgusting.  You are so selfless, so serving, so loving!

Jonathan, if I was getting married today, I know that I would choose you all over again.  This time though, I would choose you much faster and with a greater joy.  Now, I truly know how blessed I am!  On our wedding day, I saw glimpses of your character, but I hadn’t been married to you yet.  Ten years later, you have only grown to become even more precious to me!  Ten years later, I have lived with you; now I truly know that you are my soul-mate.  You are my home!  We have been through a lot together, and the years will take us many more places and stages than we can imagine.  Through it all, I am so thankful that you and the Lord are a team, showing me the secrets of love.

How exquisitely beautiful this thing called love is!

Should I die before you, I don’t know that there is anyone good enough for you.  You deserve someone who would love you and treasure the gift that you are!  🙂  Since I am the only wife you have, I am going to do my best to keep reminding you that I think you are pretty special.

Thanks, Love!  Here’s to the next ten+ years!


One thought on “Head Over Heels

  1. patchofheaven

    Great job, Amy! I can’t believe you guys are almost at the ten year mark! My how the time flies. I remember hanging out with you in our bedroom doorways, across the hall frome each other… Our version of “bad.” Haha!

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