Do You Love Me?

I think the Lord is trying to teach me more about a certain lesson because I keep reading blogs stating almost the same idea — just in different ways or with a slightly different twist to the story.  The lesson is about… well let me back up just a bit…

We have all heard stories or read the Scriptural account about giving a drink or feeding a stranger and then finding out that it was the Christ Child in reality.  These stories are based roughly on the verse that talks about offering a drink or hospitality to a stranger and finding it was an angel we entertained unawares.  Based on this concept, we have the idea that in serving others, we are ultimately serving Christ.  In application, I have frequently been encouraged to serve my family as “unto the Lord.

Somehow recently, I have been more convicted or challenged than ever to dwell on the truth that my love for the Lord is demonstrated by how I love my family.  Has that ever been convicting!  If my family is receiving frowns, cross tones of voice, impatience, or even anger from my lips or expressions, do I really love the Lord that much?

How motivating this has been to me to be more loving to my family!  Afterall, I want to love my Lord more because He loves me so very much!  I want my children to also remember me as a loving mom and our home a place of peace and love and joy.  Is it?  Is that what they’ll remember?

When the Lord asks me, just like He did to Peter, “Do you love me?”  Can I truly say, “Yes, Lord!”  Or does He have to ask me again and then a third time, until the truth finally sinks in that I haven’t been truly loving Him because I haven’t been truly loving my family.  Is my love unconditional for my children, or do I bestow my love warmly only when they are loveable?

Did Jesus wait to love us until we were “loveable”?  I guess not, or He would not love us yet and would be still waiting for that miraculous transformation on our parts to occur.  He chose us when we were weak, hungry, naked, thirsty, poor, beggarly, sick, dead.  He chooses the unlikely to become recipients of His love!  He even loves me, when I don’t return His love so ardently but instead treat my family with less than  a stellar example of unconditional love and patience.  He loves me!  He really and truly does!  Do I love my children like that?  Do I love Him like that?  Do I love Him?  Do I really love Him?


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