Deck The Halls

I finally succumbed… to the joy of Christmas fun and making memories!  Jonathan and I took the kids to get a Christmas tree.  This was Olivia’s first tree so it was extra special to pick one this year!  It took awhile since we had five opinions to consider.  In the end, I think everyone was satisfied with the choice, and all the big and little men got to cut it down.  Olivia and I helped hold the tree and carry it out of the woods.

The next day, we all got in on the decorating.  The decorating was a little chaotic at times with boys grabbing my fragile ornaments and bulbs.  I finally had to pull out a pile that they could hang on the tree while I sequestered my fragile ones out of reach and then hung them myself.  All in all, the tree looks beautiful!  It is always a special treat for me to see the ornaments that remind me of places Jonathan and I have visited and bulbs from our first and second Christmases as a married couple.  Plus, there are our pew bows from our wedding that we still hang on our tree.  I love all my ornaments, but I decided that this year my favorite ornament is one that a little boy made for me a month or two ago.  He asked for wrapping paper, a box, and cardboard.  He then gave us a gift to unwrap.  Jonathan and I unwrapped it to find a roughly-cut cardboard star.  With delight our son said, “We don’t have a star for the top of our tree to remind us of Jesus so I made us one.”  This year, we gave him the honors of hanging his star wherever he wanted on our tree.  My tree has exquisite ornaments, but my favorite ornament is a crudely-cut star.  It reminds me that my greatest treasures are in Jesus, whose birth we celebrate, and are in the love that my cardboard star expresses.


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