Boston or Bust!

A week ago at this time, I was sitting in a lovely candle-lit French bistro in Boston.  Jonathan, Olivia, and I had the place to ourselves for awhile.  The soft flicker of candles, the low hum of the waiters’ voices, and the clink of our silverware created a lovely ambiance to our meal.  Our meal was delicious and a testament to the chef’s skill.  Even better yet, our meal was almost completely free!  It all started a few weeks previously…

Jonathan has a job with a client in Boston.  He had previously taken a trip to Boston but had to return for a second trip to finish work with the job.  When I heard this, I began making inquiries and plans to travel the next time with him.  For a time, it didn’t appear that I would be able to go with him.  I prayed about it and then left it with the Lord.  The Lord gave us a gift by working out the details so that I could go with him.  Once again, Jonathan found a great deal on my plane ticket, and the plans were set in motion.  Babysitting came together for the boys, and I began to make arrangements for our lodging.  Jonathan’s client would cover the costs so we were able to stay at a lovely Bed & Breakfast for three nights!

I found the perfect place — a beautiful room with a kitchenette, living space, and attractive sleeping arrangements.  The Bed & Breakfast was in the heart of Boston, and the place itself was gorgeous.

While Jonathan was working, Olivia and I walked all around the neighborhood and then returned to our lovely “flat” to rest and relax.  I loved not having any pressing responsibilities, other than to care for Olivia, and to just relax and rest!  All four days while we were in Boston, we ate amazing meals — authentic Italian cuisine, French cuisine, and many other tasty treats.  We ate Cannolis from Mike’s Pastry, along with almost everyone else from Boston.  We enjoyed burgers from Uburger.  We savored our dinner and amazing dessert from Max Brenner Chocolate.  We gained a few more pounds at Bertuccis, where I ate a Lobster Ravioli, and Italian dessert tray.

Not only was Boston fabulous for their dining, but the architectural beauty of their buildings was inspiring, along with the fall foliage and beauty of their parks.  Of course, there was also the interesting historical places to visit.  We toured the U.S.S. Constitution, Paul Revere’s house, the Boston Commons, the Boston park, Old North Church, took a trolley tour, took a harbor cruise, and climbed 294 stairs to the top of a monument.

Every day, we also faithfully called the boys to inquire as to how they were doing.  We were relieved to hear that they were also having a blast with the friends and family they visited.  I had written each boy a card for each day while we were gone.  It was fun to hear how they enjoyed the cards!

It was special to also be able to focus just on Olivia.  I got lots of baby hugs and kisses and enjoyed being able to have her nap in my arms.  Olivia charmed everyone wherever we went.  It’s amazing how friendly everyone is when you have such a delightful baby!

Our vacation didn’t last forever so we are now back home, and I am trying to settle back into normal life.  Boy is that challenging!  After having the life of a princess, it’s hard to return to all the demands of the normal routine.

I am back to taking care of six loads of laundry, washing my fridge, emptying trash, homeschooling, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, and acting as referee.  This is life, but it also means I get more hugs and kisses!  The work is greater but so are the rewards!